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Beaching The Watercraft; Rough Water Operation - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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Beaching the watercraft

1. Make sure no obstructions, boats or
swimmers are near the beach. Release
the throttle lever about 90 m (300 ft)
before you reach the intended beaching
2. Approach the beach slowly and stop the
engine before reaching land.
Remember: you need throttle to steer.
3. Get off the watercraft and pull it up on
the beach.
Small pebbles, sand, seaweed, and other
debris can be pulled into the jet intake
and impair or damage the impeller.
Always stop the engine and get off
before beaching the watercraft.

Rough water operation

The force of landing after jumping can
cause a strong impact on both the watercraft
and the operator. It is possible for the opera-
tor to hit his or her chest or jaw on the water-
craft body or handlebars and be injured. Do
not operate the watercraft with your chin
right above the handlebars or with your feet
outside the watercraft. Operating in rough
water or jumping waves can also crack the
watercraft body or damage internal parts.
Avoid operating in rough water or bad
weather conditions.


Table of Contents

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