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Turning The Watercraft - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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Turning the watercraft

Steering control depends on the combi-
nation of handlebar position and the amount
of throttle.
Water sucked in through the intake grate
is pressurized by the impeller in the jet
pump. As the pressurized water is expelled
from the pump through the jet thrust nozzle,
it creates thrust to move and steer the
watercraft. The higher the engine speed, the
more thrust is produced.
The amount of jet thrust, in addition to the
position of the handlebars, determines how
sharply you turn.
A. More throttle produces high thrust, so
the watercraft will turn more sharply.
B. Less throttle produces low thrust, so the
watercraft will turn more gradually.
C. Releasing the throttle lever completely
produces only minimum thrust. If you are
traveling at speeds above trolling, you
will have rapidly decreasing ability to
steer without throttle. You may still have
some turning ability immediately after
releasing the throttle lever, but once the
engine slows down, the watercraft will no
longer respond to handlebar input until
you apply throttle again or you reach a
trolling speed.
At trolling speed, the watercraft can be
turned gradually by handlebar position
alone using just the amount of thrust
available at idle.
D. If the engine is stopped while riding,
there is no thrust. The watercraft will go
straight even though the handlebars are
You need throttle to steer.


Table of Contents

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