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Cooling Water Pilot Outlet; Steering System - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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Cooling water pilot outlet

This watercraft is equipped with a cooling
water pilot outlet.
When the engine is running, cooling
water is circulated in the engine, and then it
is discharged from the pilot outlet.
To check for proper operation of the cool-
ing system, check that water is being dis-
charged from the pilot outlet. If water is not
being discharged from the outlet, cooling
water may not be circulating in the engine.
When this occurs, stop the engine and
check for the cause. (See pages 2-9 and 5-3
for further instructions.)
If the cooling water passages are dry, it will
take about 20 seconds for the water to reach
the outlet after the engine is started.

Steering system

Your watercraft can be steered by turning
the handlebars 1 the same direction you
wish to travel.
When the handlebars are turned, the
angle of the jet thrust nozzle 2 is changed,
and the direction of the watercraft is
changed accordingly. Since the strength of
the jet thrust determines the speed and
direction of a turn, the throttle must always
be open when attempting a turn, except at
trolling speed.


Table of Contents

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