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Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual page 89

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Table of Contents
To replenish the battery:
1. Make sure that the electrolyte level is
between the upper 1 and lower 2 level
2. Refill the battery with distilled water if
Normal tap water contains minerals that
are harmful to a battery. Use only dis-
tilled water for replenishing the battery.
To recharge the battery:
Do not attempt to charge a battery hast-
ily. Battery life could be shortened.
It is recommended to have a Yamaha
dealer charge the battery. If you charge the
battery yourself, carefully read the battery
charger instructions before charging and fol-
low the points below.
1. Remove all caps from the battery cell.
2. Add distilled water to the specified level if
the electrolyte level is low.
3. Set the charging rate to 1.9 ampere and
charge the battery slowly until the explo-
sive gases are discharged vigorously
from the battery cells.
To connect the battery terminals:
1. Make sure that the connections are cor-
rect when you install the battery in the
2. Make sure that the breather hose is
properly connected and that it is not
damaged or obstructed.
3. Make sure that the battery is securely
held in place.
1 Positive (+): Red lead
2 Negative (–): Black lead
3 Breather hose

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Table of Contents

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