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Cleaning And Adjusting The Spark Plugs - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
Cleaning and adjusting the
spark plugs
The spark plug is an important engine
component and is easy to inspect. The con-
dition of the spark plug can indicate some-
thing about the condition of the engine. For
example, if the center electrode porcelain is
very white, this could indicate an intake air
leak or carburetion problem in that cylinder.
Do not attempt to diagnose any problems
yourself. Have a Yamaha dealer service the
Remove and inspect the spark plug peri-
odically; heat and deposits will cause the
spark plug to slowly break down and erode.
If electrode erosion becomes excessive, or if
carbon and other deposits are excessive,
replace the spark plug with the specified
Standard spark plug: BR7HS
Measure the spark plug gap a with a
wire thickness gauge before installing the
spark plug. Adjust the gap to specification if
Spark plug gap:
0.6–0.7 mm (0.024–0.028 in)
To reinstall spark plug:
1. Clean the gasket surface.
2. Wipe any dirt from the threads of the
spark plug.
3. Screw the spark plug to the correct
Spark plug torque:
25 N·m (2.5 kgf·m, 18 ft·lb)


Table of Contents

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