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Enjoy Your Watercraft Responsibly - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
Enjoy your watercraft
You share the areas you enjoy when
riding your watercraft with others and with
nature. So your enjoyment includes a
responsibility to treat these other people,
and the lands, waters, and wildlife with
respect and courtesy.
Whenever and wherever you ride, think of
yourself as the guest of those around you.
Remember, for example, that the sound of
your watercraft may be music to you, but it
could be just noise to others. And the excit-
ing splash of your wake can make waves
others won't enjoy. Avoid riding close to
shoreline homes and waterfowl nesting
areas or other wildlife areas, and keep a
respectful distance from fishermen, other
boats, swimmers, and populated beaches.
When travel in areas like these is unavoid-
able, ride slowly and obey all laws.
Remember that pollution can be harmful
to the environment. Do not refuel or add oil
where a spill could cause damage to nature.
Remove your watercraft from the water and
move it away from the shoreline before refu-
eling. And keep your surroundings pleasant
for the people and wildlife that share the
waterways: don't litter!
When you ride responsibly, with respect
and courtesy for others, you help ensure
that our waterways stay open for the enjoy-
ment of a variety of recreational opportuni-


Table of Contents

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