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Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual page 27

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Table of Contents
1 Fire extinguisher container
2 Fuel cock knob
Use to select either normal or reserve fuel flow
from the fuel tank to the carburetors, or to shut
off fuel flow.
3 Choke knob
Use to start a cold engine.
4 Clip
Insert into the engine shut-off switch to enable
starting of the engine.
Remove to stop the engine or prevent acci-
dental starting of the engine or unauthorized
use of the watercraft.
5 Start switch
Push to start the engine.
6 Throttle lever
Use to accelerate and decelerate.
7 Engine shut-off switch
Remove the clip to stop the engine and dis-
able it from starting.
8 Engine stop switch
Push to stop the engine normally.
9 Engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
Attach to wrist so that the engine stops if the
operator falls off the watercraft.
0 Bow
A Fuel tank
B Battery
C Silencer
Prevents water from getting into the engine
and reduces air intake noise.
D Spark plugs/Spark plug caps
E Muffler
F Water separator
Traps water from the breather hose to the fuel
G Fuel filter
H Flush hose connector
Use to flush the engine cooling water pas-
I Electrical box
Protects electrical components from water.

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Table of Contents

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