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Post-Operation Checks - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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Post-operation checks

Always perform the following post-opera-
tion checks after operating the watercraft.
1. Remove the watercraft from the water.
2. Wash down the hull, steering pole, han-
dlebars, and jet unit with fresh water.
3. Remove the hood and check the engine
compartment for water. To drain excess
water, turn the watercraft on its port (left)
side. If necessary, turn the watercraft
upside down to drain water completely.
Place a suitable clean cloth or carpet-
ing underneath the watercraft to pro-
tect it from abrasions and scratches.
Always turn the watercraft over onto
its port (left) side.
When turning the watercraft onto its
side or inverting it, support the bow
and secure the steering pole, other-
wise the steering pole and handlebars
could be bent or damaged.
This watercraft is equipped with an auto-
matic bilge-draining system that removes
water from the engine compartment while
you are underway. However, some residual
water will remain.
4. Put the watercraft in a horizontal posi-
5. Flush the cooling system to prevent it
from clogging with salt, sand, or dirt.
(See page 4-1 for flushing the cooling
system procedures.)
6. Drain residual water from the exhaust
system by alternately squeezing and
releasing the throttle lever for 10 to
15 seconds while the engine is running.


Table of Contents

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