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Cleaning The Watercraft - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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The condition of the battery can be known
by checking the specific gravity of the elec-
trolyte. However, you can also know the con-
dition of the battery by measuring the
voltage at both battery terminals. Charge
the battery if the voltage is less than
12 volts.
Specific gravity (for reference):
1.28 at 20 °C (68 °F)
It is recommended to have a Yamaha dealer
check the specific gravity and to charge the
battery. If you maintain the battery yourself,
be sure to read and follow the instructions
provided with the battery tester and charger
you use.

Cleaning the watercraft

Clean the watercraft before storing it for a
long period.
1. Wash down the hull, handlebars, and
drive unit with fresh water.
2. Rinse the engine and bilge area with
fresh water. Drain off all water and wipe
up remaining moisture with clean, dry
3. Spray the engine's exterior with Yamaha
Silicone Protectant and Lubricant.
4. Wax the hull with a non-abrasive wax
such as Yamaha Silicone Wax.
5. Wipe all vinyl and rubber components,
such as the engine compartment seals,
with a vinyl protectant such as Yamaha
6. Do not use protectant on the riding tray,
because it will make it slippery.


Table of Contents

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