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Operation Requirements - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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This watercraft is not equipped with light-
ing required for night operation. Do not
operate the watercraft after sunset or
before dawn, otherwise you increase the
risk of colliding with another boat, which
could result in severe injury or death.

Operation requirements

All riders must wear a Coast Guard
approved personal flotation device (PFD)
that is suitable for personal watercraft
Wear protective clothing. Severe internal
injuries can occur if water is forced into
body cavities as a result of falling into
water or being near the jet thrust nozzle.
Normal swimwear does not adequately
protect against forceful water entry into
rectum or vagina. All riders must wear a
wetsuit bottom or clothing that provides
equivalent protection.
Such clothing includes thick, tightly
woven, sturdy and snug-fitting apparel
such as denim, but does not include
spandex or similar fabrics, like those used
in bicycle shorts.
1 Coast Guard approved PFD
2 Wetsuit bottom
Eye protection is recommended to keep
wind, water, and glare from the sun out of
your eyes while you operate your water-
craft. Restraining straps for eyewear are
made which are designed to float should
your eyewear fall in the water.
Footwear and gloves are recommended.


Table of Contents

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