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Intended Use - Silvercrest KH 2198 Operating Instructions Manual

Projection alarm clock


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• In the event of the batteries leaking acids, put on a pair of protective
• Clean the battery compartment and the battery contacts with a dry cloth.
• Keep batteries away from children. Children could put batteries into their
mouths and swallow them. If a battery is swallowed, medical assistance
must be sought IMMEDIATELY.
Important !
No liability/warranty claims will be considered for damage to the device
caused by the effects of moisture, water penetration or overheating!

Intended Use

This device is designed to wake you by means of an alarm tone or radio and
also for the reception of radio transmissions. Any other usage of, or modifi-
cation to, the device is deemed to be improper usage and carries the risk
of serious personal injury. The manufacturer accepts no liability for damages
that result from an improper use of the device or that are caused by an in-
correct operation of it. It is not intended for commercial use.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents