Secure Dishwasher In Cabinet Opening; Remove Lower Dish Rack And Place Towel; Secure Dishwasher - Kenmore 66513292K115 Installation Instructions Manual

Stainless steel tub undercounter dishwasher
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Connect wires black to black and white to white, using UL
twist-on wire connectors (not included).
Tighten strain relief screws to secure cable.
Place wires inside terminal box. Insert tabs on left side of cover.
Make sure wires are tucked inside box. Close cover ensuring
wires are not pinched. Use 1/4" hex head socket, nut driver or
Torx® T20 ® screwdriver and previously removed screw to secure
Check that dishwasher is still level front-to-back
and side-to-
side in cabinet opening.
Open dishwasher door, remove lower dish rack, and place
towel over pump assembly and lower spray arm of dishwasher.
This will keep screws from falling into pump area when you are
securing the dishwasher.
NOTE: Do not drop screws into bottom of dishwasher.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents