Connect To Drain; Slide Clamp Onto Connector; Connect Drain Hose - Kenmore 66513292K115 Installation Instructions Manual

Stainless steel tub undercounter dishwasher
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2 Add
NOTE: To avoid vibration
during operation,
route the water
supply line so that it does not touch the dishwasher base, frame
or motor.
Connect the 3/8" compression fitting to the water supply line
prior to installing the unit into the cabinet opening. Attach so
that the 3/,,, connection is facing upward
as shown above.
Copper tubing only: Put the tubing into the 90 ° elbow fitting as
far as it will go (the copper tubing bends and kinks easily). Slide
the nut and ferrule forward
and start the nut onto the elbow
Flexible braided connection: Secure nut to elbow using %" open
ended wrench or adjustable
NOTE: Do not use Teflon ®t tape with compression fittings.
Be sure rubber washer is properly seated in fitting. Slide the
3/,,, fitting up to the valve and hand tighten to avoid cross-
Hand tighten until the coupling is tight.
Using pliers, check the tightness of the coupling. An additional
1/, to 1/2 turn may be required to seal the rubber gasket.
NOTE: Do not overtighten.
Damage to the coupling can result.
is a registered
trademark of E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company.
Place paper towel under 90 ° elbow fitting. Turn on water supply
and check for leaks. If leak occurs, repeat previous step.
Place towel under drain hose to catch any water in drain hose.
Place the small drain hose clamp onto the small end of the drain
hose. Push the new drain hose into the black drain hose
connector up to the drain hose stop.
Using pliers, squeeze open the small drain hose clamp and slide
onto connector between stops.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents