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Kenmore 66512776K310 Installation Instructions Manual

Custom panel
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Gather the recommended
tools and parts before starting
Read and follow
the instructions provided with any
tools listed here.
Tools needed:
_6 nut dnver
or hex socket
Torx®* T15
Parts supplied:
Cus' om l:: :sne
Follow steps below:
A customer supplied panel must weigh no more than
16 Ibs (7.3 kg) and must be made to specific dimensions. It is
that a cabinetmaker
cut the customer panel
because of the precise dimensions needed.
The handle for the custom panel is not included.
All mounting hardware
supplied is for a 3/4" (19.1 mm) thick
wood panel. If a thinner wood panel or materials other than
wood are used, it is the customer's responsibility
to obtain
the proper length screws and adjust the pilot holes
IMPORTANT: Use a moisture-resistant
sealer on both sides and
all edges of the panel to avoid damage from moisture.
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
Parts needed:
4 #10
1/2" wood screws
Supplied in Kit:
4 Plastic studs (attached to each other by runners)
4 Short screws (10-16 hex head screw)
4 Long screws (8-18 Torx_) head screws)
1 Template (located
inside Use and Care Guide bag assembly)
1 Instruction sheet (located
inside Use and Care Guide bag
NOTE: The screws supplied are used for only 3/4" (19.1 mm) thick
wooden panel. If the wooden panel is less than 3/4" (19.1 mm)
thick, customer must purchase screws locally.
In addition, for first-time installations
Tools needed.
Stand dishwasher
Using 2 or more people, stand the dishwasher up.
NOTE: Do not install kick plate until instructed to do so.
is a registered trademark
of Saturn Fasteners,



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  • Page 1 CUSTOM PANEL INSTALLATION INSERTSHEET Cus' om l:: :sne ¸_¸ _ Follow steps below: Gather the recommended tools and parts before starting installation. Read and follow the instructions provided with any A customer supplied panel must weigh no more than tools listed here. 16 Ibs (7.3 kg) and must be made to specific dimensions.
  • Page 2 %Custom panel installatio Panel template --:J Dishwashers with control panel on the top 231/2" ,___ (59.7 cm) *303Ae'' (76.7 cm) 3/4"(19.1 mm) *This dimension is for 4" (10.2 cm) toe kick. If the installation needs a higher toe kick, adjust the height of the wood panel accordingly.
  • Page 3 Attach custom Visible side Attach the 4 plastic studs to the wooden panel using the 4 short Align the studs on the custom wood panel to the keyhole slots on hex head (5A6") screws provided. the door assembly. Ensure that all 4 plastic studs are engaged in the keyhole slots.
  • Page 4 l Remove the short screws edges )rill through these holes edges Remove 2 short screw Customer-supplied and replace with long panel Customer-supplied screws provided. panel Remove the short screws (3rd from top) on either side of the inner door panel. Predrill 2 pilot holes using a 3/32"drill bit. Use Install 2 long screws supplied in top corners to secure custom tape to mark the drill bit to gauge the hole depth.
  • Page 5 HOJA INSERTADA - INSTALACION DEL PANELA LA MEDIDA ss, tc;s y piez ss Siga los pasos a continuaci6n: Re0na todas las herramientas y piezas recomendadas antes de comenzar la instalaci6n. Lea y siga las instrucciones provistas Un panel provisto por el cliente deber6 pesar no m6s de 16 Ib (7,3 kg) y deber6 hacerse de acuerdo a dimensiones con cualquiera de las herramientas enlistadas aquf.
  • Page 6 Instalaci6n del panel a la medida Lavavajillas con el panel de control en la parte de arriba Top of Pa.el Tapa del _=.el Oessus de panneau 3/4"(19,1 mm) * Esta medida es para una cubierta protectora 4" (10,2 cm). Si la instalacion necesitara una cubierta protectora...
  • Page 7 Lado visible Alinee lostaquetes enelpanel demadera a la medida a las Sujete l os4 taquetes depl6stico a l panel demadera u tilizando los4 tornillos p rovistos decabeza hexagonal cortos de(5A6"). ranuras enforma debocallave u bicadas enelensamblaje dela puerta. AsegOrese dequelos 4 taquetes de pl_stico est6n adentro de las ranuras en forma de bocallave.
  • Page 8 Alinee los bordes Taladre a Alinee los traves de bordes estos orificios. superiores Quite los 2 tornillos corto., Panel provisto y reempl,_celos con los por el cliente Panel provisto tornillos largos provistos. por el cliente Quite los tornillos cortos (los terceros desde la parte superior) que est6n a cada lado del panel de la puerta interior.
  • Page 9 ENCART D'INSTALLATION DU PANNEAU PRESONNALISE (x © du p_s_w'_e(se pe_ses_'_<x p_eces Ex_cuter les _tapes ci-dessus Rassembler les outils et composants n6cessaires avant Le poids du panneau fourni par le client ne dolt pas d6passer d'entreprendre I'installation. Lire et observer les instructions fournies avec chacun des outils de la liste ci-dessous.
  • Page 10 Installation du panneau personnalis6- Lave-vaisselle avec console de commande au sommet 231/d' /_1_ (59,7 cm) *30%6" (76,7 cm) CALIBRE BO|S /4" (19,1 mm) *Cette dimension correspond a un panneau de plinthe de 4" (10,2 cm). Si la configuration d'installation exige un panneau de plinthe plus haut, ajuster en consequence la hauteur du panneau de bois.
  • Page 11 Pose du panneau personnalis6 C6t6 visible Aligner les goujons de plastique (sur le panneau de bois Fixer les 4 goujons de plastique sur le panneau de bois avec les personnalis_) avec les trous allong6s (sur la porte). Veiller 6 bien 4 vis courtes fournies (5,66",t6te hexagonale).
  • Page 12 Aligner les rive up6rieures travers rives Panneau fourni Oter 2 vis courtes; remplacE par le client celles-ci par des vis Panneau fourni Iongues fournies par le client Retirer les vis courtes (troisi6mes _ partir du sommet) de chaque c6t6 du panneau de porte int_rieur. Percer 2 avant-trous Placer 2 vis Iongues fournies dans les angles sup_rieurs pour utilisant un foret de 3/32".Utiliser du ruban adh6sif pour marquer fixer le panneau de bois personnalis_ en place.