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Korg Kaossilator Pro+ Owner's Manual: Introduction; Main Features

Dynamic phrase syntesizer/loop recorder.
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Thank you for purchasing the Korg KAOSSILA-
TOR PRO+ dynamic phrase synthesizer / loop
recorder. To enjoy the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ to
the fullest potential, please read this manual
carefully and use the KAOSSILATOR PRO+
only as directed.

Main features

250 internal programs (sounds)
New drum patterns and other programs have
been added to the programs of the KAOSSILA-
TOR PRO, now giving you a total of 250 built-in
programs that are organized into eight catego-
ries such as Lead, Drum, Pattern, and Vocoder.
You can control the pitch by moving your finger
on the touch pad horizontally, or vertically to
control aspects of the tone such as cutoff, feed-
back, or modulation depth.
Scale function lets you assign a scale to the
touch pad
You can choose one of 35 scales and assign it
to the touch pad, allowing you to perform in the
appropriate key for your song. The Note Range
function lets you specify the range of notes that
correspond to the touch pad's horizontal axis.
The new Gate Arp function lets you control
phrases with the slider
The KAOSSILATOR PRO+ contains a gate ar-
peggiator that you can use immediately for live
performance or song creation. To start auto-
matic playback, simply press the GATE ARP
button and touch the touch pad. For even more
creative freedom when generating phrases,
you can use the slider to control the gate time
or gate speed.
Four loop recorders allow recording of internal
sounds or external input
The KAOSSILATOR PRO+ contains loop re-
corders that can record not only its own internal
sound, but it can also record from the line in-
puts or mic input. The four loop recording banks
can be used simultaneously, and they also sup-
port BPM-synchronized loop playback. You can
mute each bank, making this a great feature for
DJ performance.
USB MIDI functionality for tempo sync or data
In addition to MIDI IN/OUT connectors, the KA-
OSSILATOR PRO+ provides a USB connector,
allowing you to back up the recorded loop data,
or control your application software or external
MIDI equipment.
Use SD cards to back up phrases and settings
The SD card slot lets you store data such as
your loop-recorded phrases and program
Dedicated software available for download
The dedicated KAOSSILATOR PRO+ Editor
software provides librarian functionality that
lets your computer store and manage a virtually
unlimited amount of recorded loop data, as well
as a MIDI Assignment Editor function that
transforms your KAOSSILATOR PRO+ into a
powerful MIDI controller that can be set up just
the way you want. The KAOSSILATOR PRO+
Editor can be downloaded free of charge from
the Korg website (



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