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Korg Kaossilator Pro+ Owner's Manual: Operation; Using The Power Switch; Adjusting The Volume; Selecting A Program

Dynamic phrase syntesizer/loop recorder.
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Using the power switch

1. Connect the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ to your
other equipment as shown in the diagrams on
the preceding pages, and connect the AC
adapter to an electrical outlet.
Never use any AC adapter other than the one that's in-
2. Press the Power button to turn the KAOS-
SILATOR PRO+ on. The display will light up.
To turn the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ off, press
and hold down the Power button until the dis-
play indicators turn off.
The settings will not be retained after the power is turned
Auto Power Off
The KAOSSILATOR PRO+ features an Auto
Power Off function, which turns the unit off au-
tomatically if the unit is left unused for approxi-
mately four hours.
TIP: If any sound is being input, this function will not
take effect.
Disabling the Auto Power Off function
Follow the steps below to disable the Auto
Power Off function.
1. Turn the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ on while
pressing and holding down the SHIFT button.
The unit will indicate the current settings on the
2. Rotate the PROGRAM/BPM knob to select
"diS" on the display.
3. Press the WRITE button to store this set-
ting. The unit will automatically restart.
TIP To enable the Auto Power Off function, turn the
KAOSSILATOR PRO+ on while pressing and holding
down the SHIFT button. Rotate the PROGRAM/BPM
knob to select "EnA" on the display, then press the
WRITE button.
TIP: If you turn the unit off without pressing the WRITE
button in the steps above, the changes to the setting
will not be applied.
TIP: The initial factory setting is "EnA" for the Auto
Power Off function.

Adjusting the volume

1. Use the PROGRAM VOLUME knob to ad-
just the volume of the program.
2. If you're using headphones, use the
PHONES VOLUME knob to adjust the volume.
TIP: The PHONES VOLUME knob does not affect the
volume of the LINE OUT jacks.

Selecting a program

1. The display shows the number of the pro-
gram that's currently selected.
TIP: If the display shows the BPM, you can switch to
the program indication simply by pressing the PRO-
GRAM/BPM knob.
2. Use the PROGRAM/BPM knob to select a
When you reach the last number, it will wrap
back around to the beginning.
TIP: By holding down the SHIFT button and turning the
PROGRAM/BPM knob you can jump to the beginning
of the next (or previous) category of programs; this is
a quick way to select a program by category.
TIP: For programs in the Vocoder category, the effect-
processed input sound will only be audible while you
use the touch pad. Using the touch pad when there's
no input sound will not produce sound. The input
sound cannot be output directly (unprocessed by the
effect) while you're using the touch pad.
TIP: For some programs, the sound will continue even
after you take your finger off the touch pad.

Using the touch pad

You can control the sound by using your finger
to rub or tap the touch pad.
TIP: Affix the included protective sheet to the touch
pad before using it.



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