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Korg Kaossilator Pro+ Owner's Manual: Midi.functions; Midi Connections; Midi Settings

Dynamic phrase syntesizer/loop recorder.
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MIDI functions
What is MIDI?
MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital In-
terface, and is a world-wide standard for ex-
changing a variety of performance-related in-
instruments and computers.
About the MIDI implementation chart
The MIDI implementation chart is designed to
let you compare the MIDI messages that can
be transmitted and received by a device. When
using two MIDI devices, you can compare their
MIDI implementation charts to see which mes-
sages are compatible between them.
TIP You can download the KAOSSILATOR PRO+'s
MIDI implementation chart from the Korg website.
* Details on the MIDI functionality are provided in the sepa-
rate MIDI implementation. To obtain the MIDI implementation,
please contact your local Korg distributor.
MIDI connections
Commercially available MIDI cables are used
to transmit and receive MIDI messages. Con-
nect these cables between the MIDI connec-
tors of the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ and the MIDI
connectors of the external MIDI device where
you want to transfer data.
MIDI IN connector: This connector receives MIDI
messages from another MIDI device. Connect
it to the MIDI OUT connector of the external de-
MIDI OUT connector: This connector transmits
messages from the KAOSSILATOR PRO+.
Connect it to the MIDI IN connector of the ex-
ternal device.
Connecting to your computer
You can use a USB cable to connect the KA-
OSSILATOR PRO+ directly to a computer
equipped with a USB connector, and transmit
or receive the same MIDI messages as via the
MIDI connectors.
In order to use the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ Edi-
tor, you must connect the KAOSSILATOR
PRO+ to your computer via USB.
TIP: To use the USB connection, the Korg USB-MIDI
driver must be installed in your computer. Download
the Korg USB-MIDI driver from the Korg website
(, and install it as described in
the documentation included with the driver.
MIDI settings
In addition to using the KAOSSILATOR PRO+
as a synthesizer, you can also use it as a real-
time controller for an external MIDI device.
By connecting the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ to
your MIDI sequencer and recording the MIDI
messages that are transmitted when you use
the touch pad, you can play back the touch pad
If you turn off the power without storing your settings,
the settings will revert to their original state, and will not be


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