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Korg Kaossilator Pro+ Owner's Manual Page 15

Dynamic phrase syntesizer/loop recorder.
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Only the program will be loaded.
All stored settings (program, scale, key,
note range) will be loaded.
CrCt: Turns the Touch Pad Correction function
SYNC: Specifies whether the loop recorder will
synchronize to BPM.
If this is on, the recorder will synchronize to
BPM, but the sound may be interrupted at the
beginning of the phrase. If this is off, the record-
er will not synchronize to BPM, but there will be
no interruption of the sound. However if you
change the length of the phrase or if you
change the BPM, the recorder will automati-
cally function as if SYNC were on.
TIP: When performing with BPM SYNC off, the TAP
TEMPO button will blink green. When performing with
BPM SYNC on, the TAP TEMPO button will blink
In order to perform with SYNC turned off, you must either
start just after turning on the KAOSSILATOR PRO+, or initial-
ize all banks, and then match the length of the phrases before
you record. Even if SYNC turns on automatically, there has
been no change to the SYNC setting, so turning the power off
and on again will make the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ function
with this setting off.
[7] USB
You can connect the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ to
your computer and read/write the contents of
the inserted card via USB (→p.19: Accessing the
SD card from your computer).
This lets you use the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ as
a MIDI controller.
The MIDI message assigned to each controller
using the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ Editor will be
transmitted (→p.22: Using the KAOSSILATOR
PRO+ as a MIDI controller).
TIP: You can download the KAOSSILATOR PRO+
Editor from the Korg website. (



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