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Korg Kaossilator Pro+ Owner's Manual: Function.settings; Procedure For Function Settings; About Each Function

Dynamic phrase syntesizer/loop recorder.
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Function settings
These settings let you format an SD card, and
save or load your loop-recorded data.
TIP: The program's sound will not be heard while
you're adjusting Function settings.

Procedure for Function settings

1. Hold down the SHIFT button and press one
of the PROGRAM MEMORY buttons 1–8.
2. Use the PROGRAM/BPM knob to select a
3. Press the PROGRAM/BPM knob to view
the value options for that parameter.
4. Use the PROGRAM/BPM knob to select a
5. Press the TAP TEMPO button (lit) to return
to the parameter list. Repeat steps 2–5 to edit
additional parameters.
6. At this point, you can either press the
WRITE button (blinking) to save the changes
you have made, or you can press the SHIFT
button to exit without saving.
TIP: While the TAP TEMPO button is lit, you can press
the TAP TEMPO button to return to the preceding

About each function

[1] CARD
Displays information about the SD card, or for-
mats the SD card (→p.16: Using an SD card).
[2] LOAD
Loads data from the SD card into the KAOSSI-
LATOR PRO+ (→p.18: Loading from an SD
[3] SAVE
Saves data from the KAOSSILATOR PRO+ to
the SD card (→p.18: Saving to SD card).
[4] MIDI
Adjusts MIDI-related settings (→p.20: MIDI func-
Prog: This turns on/off the function that displays
the program name in the touch pad LED when
a program change occurs.
ILLU: This specifies the illumination shown in
the pad LED when a certain time has elapsed
since you took your hand off the touch pad.
Illumination will be off.
A text string will be scrolled. You can
use the editor software to edit this text
Illumination in a variety of patterns will
be displayed.
Illumination patterns TYP.1 through
TYP.8 will be switched automatically.
TIP: Illumination will not occur if Hold is active, nor
when you're adjusting function settings.
TIP: You can download the KAOSSILATOR PRO+
Editor from the Korg website. (
Scrl: Specifies the speed setting used for the
text to scroll. This setting determines the speed
used for the pad LED to scroll. You can choose
Slow, Mid, or Fast speeds.
TIP: You can't change the speed of the illumination
Adjusts settings for touch pad correction, loads
program memory, or sets the loop recorder's
BPM SYNC function.
PrLd: Selects the content that will be loaded
from program memory.



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