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Driving The Rider; Starting On A Slope, Manual Gearbox - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Driving the Rider

1 Rider 112C Release the parking brake by first pressing
down the parking brake pedal and then releasing it.
Carefully press down one of the pedals until the required
speed is obtained. Pedal (1) is used to drive forwards, and
pedal (2) to drive backwards.
Rider 112C5 has the brake pedal and lock button on the right
hand side. Release the parking brake by first pressing down
the parking brake pedal and then releasing it.
For Rider 112C5 Disengage the engine and select the
required gear.
- Gears 1-4 are used for mowing
- Gears 4-5 are used for transporting
Gradually release the clutch pedal.
Starting can take place independent of which gear is
Gear changes between forward gears must not be made
while the machine is moving.
The engine must be disengaged during each gear change.
Stop the machine before changing between forward and
reverse gears, otherwise this may result in damage to the
Never use force to engage a gear. If a gear does not engage
immediately, release the clutch pedal and press it down
again. Now try to engage the gear again.
16 –
2 Select the required cutting height (1-5) using the cutting
height lever.
In order to obtain an even cutting height, it is important
that the air pressure is the same in both front wheels. See
the "Technical data" section.
3 Lower the cutting unit.
The life span of the drive belts is increased significantly if
the engine runs at a low speed when the blades are
engaged. Therefore apply full throttle first when the cutting
unit has been moved to the mowing position.

Starting on a slope, manual gearbox

1 Press down the parking brake pedal.
2 Push the throttle control to full throttle position.
3 Disengage the engine and select 1st gear.
4 Gradually release the parking brake.

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