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Introduction; Dear Customer; Driving And Transport On Public Roads; Towing - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing a Husqvarna Rider. Husqvarna Riders are built to a unique design with a front-mounted cutting unit and a
patented articulated steering. Riders are designed for maximum efficiency even in small or confined areas. The closely grouped
controls and pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission also contribute to the performance of this machine.
This operator's manual is a valuable document. By following its instructions (on operation, service, maintenance, etc.) you will
significantly extend the life of the machine and even its second-hand value.
When you sell your Rider, make sure you pass on the operator's manual to the new owner.
The last chapter in the operator's manual consists of a Service Journal. Make sure that all service work and repairs are recorded.
A well-documented service history reduces the costs of seasonal maintenance and influences the second-hand value of the
machine. Bring the operator's manual with the Rider when bringing it to a workshop for service procedures.

Driving and transport on public roads

Check the relevant road traffic regulations before driving the machine on a public road. If transporting the machine on another
vehicle always use approved securing devices and make sure that the machine is securely held.


When your machine is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission you should only tow the machine over short distances and at a
low speed, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the transmission.
The transmission must be disengaged when towing, see instructions under the heading Bypass valves.


This ride-on mower is designed to mow grass on open and level ground surfaces. In addition, there is a number of accessories
recommended by the manufacturer that broadens the application area. Please contact your dealer for more information about
which accessories are available. The machine may only be used with the equipment recommended by the manufacturer. All other
types of use are incorrect. Compliance with and strict adherence to the conditions of operation, service and repair as specified by
the manufacturer also constitute essential elements of the intended use.
This machine should be operated, serviced and repaired only by persons who are familiar with its particular characteristics and
who are acquainted with the relevant safety procedures.
Accident prevention regulations, all other generally recognised regulations on safety and occupational medicine, and all road traffic
regulations must be observed at all times.
Any arbitrary modifications carried out to this machine may relieve the manufacturer of liability for any resulting damage or injury.

Good service

Husqvarna products are sold all over the world and ensures that you, the customer, get the best support and service. For example,
before this machine was delivered it was inspected and adjusted by your dealer. See the certificate in the Service Journal in this
When you need spare parts or advice on service issues, warranty terms, etc., contact:
This Operator's Manual belongs to machine with
serial number:
On the machine's rating plate you will find the following information:
The machines type designation.
The manufacturer's type number.
The machine's serial number.
State the type designation and serial number when ordering spare parts.


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