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Lubrication; Checking The Engine's Oil Level; Replacing The Engine Oil; Lubricating The Front Wheel Bearings - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Checking the engine's oil level.

Check the oil level in the engine when the Rider stands
horizontal with the engine switched off. Do not check the oil
with the engine running.
Open the engine cover.
Loosen the dipstick, pull it up and wipe it off.
The dipstick should be completely screwed down
Pull the dipstick out again and read the oil level.
The oil level should be between the markings on the dipstick.
The oil is topped up through the hole the dipstick sits in.
Fill the oil slowly. Tighten the dipstick correctly before starting
the engine. Start and run the engine at idling speed for
approx. 30 seconds. Turn off the motor. Wait 30 seconds and
check the oil level. If necessary fill so that the oil comes up to
the upper marking on the dipstick.
First and foremost use synthetic engine oil class SJ-CF 5W/
30 or 10W/30 for all temperature ranges. Mineral oil SAE30,
class SF–CC can be used at temperatures > +5 °C (40 °F)
Do not mix different types of oil.

Replacing the engine oil

The engine oil should be changed the first time after 8 hours
running time. It should then be changed after every 50 hours
of running time.
When operating with a heavy load or at high ambient
temperatures, replace every 25 hours.
WARNING! Engine oil can be very hot if it is
drained directly after stopping the engine.
Allow the engine to cool somewhat first.
1 Place a container underneath the engine's left oil drain
2 Remove the dipstick. Remove the drain plug from the
engine's left side.
3 Let the oil run out into the container.
4 Fit the drain plug and tighten it.


5 Fill the oil slowly. The oil is topped up through the hole the
dipstick sits in. See Checking the engine's oil level for
filling instructions.
6 Run the engine warm, then check that there is no leakage
from the oil plug.
Used engine oil, antifreeze etc. is a health hazard and must
not be disposed of on the ground or in nature; it should
always be disposed of at a workshop or appropriate
disposal location.
Avoid skin contact; wash with soap and water in case of

Lubricating the front wheel bearings

1 Remove the plastic cover that covers the centre of the
2 Remove the circlip and washer on the front wheel axle.
3 Lift off the wheel.
4 Lubricate the stub axle with molybdenum disulphide
5 Assemble the parts in the reverse order.
Check that the circlip enters the groove correctly.

General lubrication

All joints and bearings are lubricated using molybdenum
disulphide grease during manufacture. Continue to lubricate
using the same type of grease *. Lubricate the steering and
control wires using engine oil.
Carry out this lubrication regularly.
*Grease from well-known brand names (petrochemical
companies, etc.) usually maintains a good quality. The most
important property is that the grease provides good
protection against corrosion.
– 25

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