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Presentation; Cutting Unit; Lifting Lever For The Cutting Unit; Cutting Height Adjustment Lever - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Congratulations on your choice of an excellent quality product
that will give you great pleasure for many years.
Power transmission is provided by a hydrostatic gearbox
which allows variable variation of the speed.
(Rider 112C)
Parking brake
The parking brake is applied as follows:
1 Press down the parking brake pedal.
2 Press in the lock button on the steering column.
3 Release the parking brake pedal while keeping the button
pressed in.
Rider 112C has the brake pedal and lock button on the left
hand side. (1)
Rider 112C5 has the brake pedal and lock button on the right
hand side. (2)
The parking brake lock disengages automatically when the
brake pedal is pressed.
Throttle and choke controls
The throttle control regulates the engine speed, and thereby
also the rotation speed of the blades.
The control is also used to activate the choke. When the
choke is engaged a richer fuel and air mixture is fed to the
engine, which facilitates starting in the cold.
12 –
Speed limiter Rider 112C
The speed of the machine is steplessly regulated with two
pedals. Pedal (1) is used to drive forwards, and pedal (2) to
drive backwards.
WARNING! Make sure that branches do not
obstruct the pedals when mowing under
bushes. Otherwise there is a risk you may
lose control.

Cutting unit

The machines are equipped with a 2-blade Combi cutting
deck. The Combi-unit, equipped with a BioClip-plug, finely
chops the cuttings to fertiliser. Without the BioClip-plug the
unit works in the same way as a rear ejection unit.

Lifting lever for the cutting unit

The lift lever is used to set the cutting unit in transport or
mowing position.
If the lever is pulled backwards the unit is raised and the
blades automatically stop rotating (transport position).
If the lever is moved forwards, the cutting deck will be lowered
and the blades will automatically start to rotate (mowing
The lever can also be used to temporarily regulate the cutting
height, e.g. for a small mound in the lawn.

Cutting height adjustment lever

The cutting height can be adjusted to 5 (1-5) different
positions with the cutting height lever.

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