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Starting The Engine With A Weak Battery - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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With a cold engine:
5 Move the throttle to position 3 (choke position). In this
position the engine is fed with a richer mixture, which
means the engine is easier to start.
With a warm engine:
6 Move the throttle in between positions 1 and 2.
7 Turn the ignition key to the start position.
If the engine does not start, wait about 15 seconds before
trying again. If the engine does not start wait about 1 minute
before trying again.
8 When the engine starts release the ignition key
immediately back to neutral position.
9 Move the choke lever gradually back once the engine has
started. Let the engine run at moderate speed or half
throttle for 3-5 minutes before subjecting it to heavy load.
10 Set the required engine speed with the throttle control.
WARNING! Never run the engine indoors, in
enclosed or poorly ventilated areas. The
exhaust fumes contain toxic carbon
Starting the engine with a weak
If the battery is too weak to start the engine, it should be
recharged. Charge the battery for 4 hours at max. 3 amp.
When the battery is fully charged, connect the red cable to the
positive pole (+pole) of the battery and the black cable to the
negative pole (-pole). Ensure that the red (+) cable is drawn
behind the black (-) cable.
When jump leads are used for emergency starting, follow the
procedure below:
IMPORTANT INFORMATION Your Rider is equipped with a
12-volt system with negative earth. The other vehicle must
also have a 12-volt system with negative earth. Do not use
your Rider battery to start other vehicles.
Connecting the jump leads
Connect each end of the red cable to the POSITIVE pole
(+) on each battery, exercise care not to short circuit any
of the ends against the chassis.
Connect one end of the black cable to the NEGATIVE pole
(-) on the fully charged battery.
Connect the other end of the black cable to a good
CHASSIS EARTH, away from the fuel tank and the
Remove the cables in the reverse order
The BLACK cable is removed from the chassis and then
the fully charged battery.
Finally the RED cable from both batteries.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION Never use a boost charger/
start booster. Use only conventional battery chargers.
Always disconnect the charger before starting the engine.
So called boost chargers/start boosters must never be
used. These will often increase the voltage (instead of the
current) to generate the power needed to start the engine.
This increase in voltage will damage the electrical system.
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