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Fuses; Check The Safety System; Checking The Engine's Cooling Air Intake; Service Position For The Cutting Unit - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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The main fuse is placed in a detachable holder behind the
battery under the protective cover.
Type: Flat pin, 15 A.
Do not use any other type of fuse when replacing.
A blown fuse is indicated by a burnt connector. Pull the fuse
from the holder when replacing.
The fuse is there to protect the electrical system. If it blows
again shortly after replacement, it is due to a short circuit,
which must be fixed before the machine can be put into
operation again.

Check the safety system

WARNING! Do not modify safety equipment.
Check regularly that they function as they
should. The machine must not be run with
defective or disassembled safety equipment.
The machine is equipped with a safety system that prevents
starting or driving under the following conditions.
The engine can only be started when:
The cutting deck is raised and the parking brake is
The engine should stop when:
The cutting deck is lowered and the driver rises from the
The cutting deck is in its raised position, the parking brake
is not applied and the driver rises from the seat.
Check daily to ensure that the safety system works by
attempting to start the engine when one of the conditions
above is not met. Change the conditions and try again.
22 –
Checking the engine's cooling air
Clean the air intake grille in the engine cover behind the
driver's seat.
Open the engine cover.
Check that the cooling intake is free from leaves, grass and
A blocked cooling intake will interfere with the cooling of the
engine, which can damage the engine.

Service position for the cutting unit

The cutting deck can be removed in order to facilitate cleaning
and servicing.
Avoid cutting when the cutting head is placed in service
position, to prevent damaging to the drive belt.
To remove the cutting deck proceed as follows:
1 Position the machine on flat ground.
2 Apply and lock the parking brake.
Rider 112C has the brake pedal and lock button on the
left hand side. (1) Rider 112C5 has the brake pedal and
lock button on the right hand side. (2)
WARNING! The cooling air intake rotates
when the engine is running. Mind your
WARNING! Exercise caution when handling
the spring. Wear protective glasses when
fitting the cutting unit.

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