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Transport - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Make sure all nuts and bolts are tightened correctly and
that the equipment is in good condition.
Do not modify safety equipment. Check regularly to be
sure it works properly. The machine must not be driven if
protective plates, protective covers, safety switches or
other protective devices are not fitted or are defective.
Observe the risk of injury caused by moving or hot parts if
the engine is started with the engine cover open or
protective cowlings removed.
Do not change the setting of governors. If you run too fast,
you risk damaging the machine components.
Never use the machine indoors or in spaces lacking
proper ventilation. Exhaust fumes contain carbon
monoxide, an odourless, poisonous and highly dangerous
Stop and inspect the equipment if you run over or into
anything. If necessary, make repairs before starting.
Never make adjustments with the engine running.
The machine is tested and approved only with the
equipment originally provided or recommended by the
The blades are sharp and can cause cuts. Wrap the
blades or wear protective gloves when handling them.
Check regularly that the parking brake works. Adjust and
maintain as required.
Reduce the risk of fire by removing grass, leaves and
other debris that may have fastened on the machine.
Allow the machine to cool before putting it in storage.


The parking brake is not sufficient to lock the machine
during transport. Ensure you secure the machine firmly to
the transporting vehicle.
The machine is heavy and can cause serious crush
injuries. Take extra care when loading it onto or off a
vehicle or trailer.
Use an approved trailer to transport the machine. Activate
the parking brake, and secure the machine using
approved fasteners, such as tension belts, chains or ropes
when transporting.
Check and observe local road traffic regulations before
transporting or driving the machine on roads.
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