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Driving On Slopes - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Never allow children or other persons not trained in the
use of the machine to use or service it. Local laws may
regulate the age of the user.
WARNING! You must use approved personal
protective equipment whenever you use the
machine. Personal protective equipment
cannot eliminate the risk of injury but it will
reduce the degree of injury if an accident
does happen. Ask your dealer for help in
choosing the right equipment.
Use hearing protection to minimise the risk of hearing
Never wear loose-fitting clothing, jewellery or similar that
can get caught in moving parts.
Never use the machine when barefoot. Always wear
protective shoes or protective boots, preferably with steel
Make sure that you have first aid equipment close at hand
when using the machine.

Driving on slopes

Driving on slopes is one of the operations where the risk of
the driver losing control of the machine or of it overturning is
the greatest; this can result in serious injury or death. All
slopes demand extra care. If you cannot reverse up a slope or
if you feel unsure, do not mow it.
Do not drive down slopes with the cutting deck raised.
This is what you do
Remove obstacles such as stones, branches, etc.
Mow upwards and downwards, not sideways.
Do not use the machine on ground that slopes more than
Take extra care if any attachments are fitted that can
change the stability of the machine.
Avoid starting or stopping on a slope. If the tyres start to
slip, stop the blades and drive slowly down the slope.
Always drive smoothly and slowly on slopes.
Do not make any sudden changes in speed or direction.
Avoid unnecessary turns on slopes, if necessary, turn
slowly and gradually downwards if possible. Drive slowly.
Do not turn the wheel sharply.
Watch out for and avoid driving over furrows, holes and
bumps. It is easier for the machine to overturn on uneven
ground. Tall grass can hide obstacles.
Do not mow too close to edges, ditches or banks. The
machine can suddenly overturn if one wheel comes over
the edge of a steep slope or a ditch, or if an edge gives
Do not mow wet grass. It is slippery, and tyres can lose
their grip so that the machine skids.
Do not try to stabilize the machine by putting your foot on
the ground.
When cleaning the chassis, the machine may never be
driven near verges or ditches.
When mowing, keep away from bushes and other
materials in order to avoid a heating effect.
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding
wheel weights or counterbalance weights to increase
machine stability.
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