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Replacement Of Fuel Filter; Checking The Tyre Pressure; Ignition System - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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5 Slide the filter onto the air hose.
Push the filter cartridge in place.
7 Refit the air filter cover.
Replacement of fuel filter
Replace the fuel filter every 100 running hours (once per
season) or more frequently if it is clogged.
Replace the filter as follows:
1 Open the engine cover.
2 Remove the protective cover by unscrewing the screws.
3 Move the hose clips away from the filter. Use a pair of flat
4 Pull off the filter from the hose ends.
5 Press the new filter into the ends of the hoses. If
necessary apply liquid detergent to the ends of the filter to
facilitate connection.
6 Push the hose clips back on the filter and tighten.

Checking the tyre pressure

The tyre pressure should be 60 kPa / 0.6 bar / 8,7 PSI on all
wheels. In order to improve drive power, the pressure in the
rear tyres can be reduced to 40 kPa / 0.4 bar / 6 PSI.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION Different tyre pressures on
the front tyres will result in the blades cutting the grass at
different heights.

Ignition system

The engine is equipped with an electronic ignition system.
Only the spark plug requires maintenance.
For recommended spark plug, see Technical data.
Fitting the wrong spark plug type can damage the engine.
Replacing the spark plug
1 Remove the ignition cable shoe and clean around the
spark plug.
2 Remove the spark plug with a 5/8" (16 mm) spark plug
socket wrench.
3 Check the spark plug. Replace the spark plug if the
electrodes are burned or if the insulation is cracked or
damaged. Clean the spark plug with a steel brush if it is to
be reused.
4 Measure the electrode gap with a gapping tool. The gap
should be 0.75 mm/0.030". Adjust as necessary by
bending the side electrode.
5 Reinsert the spark plug, turning by hand to avoid
damaging the threads.
Inadequately tightened spark plugs can cause overheating
and damage the engine. Tightening the spark plug too
much can damage the threads in the cylinder head.
6 Tighten the spark plug, once it touches the seating, with
the spark plug spanner. Tighten the spark plug so that the
washer is compressed. A used spark plug should be
turned 1/8 of a turn from the seated position. A new spark
plug should be turned a 1/4 turn from the seated position.
7 Replace the ignition cable shoe.
Do not turn over the engine if the spark plug or ignition cable
has been removed.
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