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Children; Maintenance - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Wheel weights fitted on the rear wheels are recommended
when driving on slopes for safer steering and improved
manoeuvrability. Consult your dealer concerning the use of
wheel weights if you are unsure. Wheel weights can not be
used on AWD-machines. Use counterweights.


Serious accidents may occur if you fail to be on your guard
for children in the vicinity of the machine. Children are
often attracted to the machine and mowing. Never
assume that children will remain where you last saw them.
Keep children away from the area to be mowed and under
close supervision by another adult.
Keep an eye out and shut off the machine if children enter
the work area.
Before and during reversing procedures, look behind you
and down for small children.
Never allow children to ride along. They can fall off and
seriously injure themselves or be in the way for safe
maneuvering of the machine.
Never allow children to operate the machine.
Be particularly careful near corners, bushes, trees or
other objects that block your view.


Stop the engine. Prevent starting by removing the ignition
cable from the spark plug or remove the ignition key
before making any adjustments or carrying out
Never fill the fuel tank indoors.
Petrol and petrol fumes are poisonous and extremely
flammable. Be especially careful when handling petrol, as
carelessness can result in personal injury or fire.
Only store fuel in containers approved for the purpose.
8 –
Never remove the fuel cap and fill the fuel tank when the
engine is running.
Allow the engine to cool before refuelling. Do not smoke.
Do not fill with fuel in the vicinity of sparks or naked
Handle oil, oil filters, fuel and the battery carefully, of
environmental considerations. Follow the local recycling
Electrical shocks can cause injuries. Do not touch cables
when the engine is running. Do not test the ignition
system with your fingers.
WARNING! The engine and the exhaust
system become very hot during operation.
Risk of burn injuries if touched. When
mowing, keep away from bushes and other
materials in order to avoid a heating effect.
If leaks arise in the fuel system, the engine must not be
started until the problem has been resolved.
Store the machine and fuel in such a way that there is no
risk that leaking fuel or fumes can cause any damage.
Check the fuel level before each use and leave space for
the fuel to expand, because the heat from the engine and
the sun may otherwise cause the fuel to expand and
Avoid overfilling. If you spill petrol on the machine, wipe up
the spill and wait until it has evaporated before starting the
engine. If you spill on your clothing, change your clothing.
Allow the machine to cool before performing any actions
in the engine compartment.
WARNING! The battery contains lead and
lead pollutants, chemicals that are
considered to cause cancer, birth defects or
other reproductive impairment. Wash your
hands after touching the battery.
Be especially careful when handling battery acid. Acid on
the skin can cause serious corrosive injuries. In the event
of spillage on the skin wash immediately with water.
Acid in the eyes can cause blindness. Rinse immediately
with plenty of water for at least 20 minutes and contact a
doctor immediately.
Take care with battery maintenance. Explosive gases
form in the battery. Never perform maintenance on the
battery while smoking or in the vicinity of open flames or
sparks. This can cause the battery to explode and cause
serious injuries.

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