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Cleaning; Removing Of The Machine Hoods; Checking And Adjusting The Steering Wires - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Clean the machine directly after use. It is much easier to wash
off grass cuttings before they dry.
Oily dirt can be removed using a cold degreasing agent.
Spray on a thin layer.
Rinse at normal water pressure.
Do not direct the jet towards electrical components or
Do not rinse hot surfaces such as the engine and exhaust
Hose down the cutting unit with water underneath each time
it is used, avoid using a high pressure washer.
It is recommended that you start the engine and run the
mower for a short period after cleaning, so that any remaining
water is blown off.
Lubricate the machine if necessary after cleaning. Carry out
extra lubrication when the bearings have been exposed to a
degreaser or a water jet.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION Avoid using a high pressure
washer or a steam cleaner.
There is a major risk of water penetrating into bearings and
electrical connections. Corrosion attack can result, which will
lead to running problems. Cleaning additives generally
aggravate the damage.

Removing of the machine hoods

Engine cover
The engine becomes accessible for service when the engine
cover is opened.
Loosen the snap locks (one on each side) and fold the cover
Belt Guard
Release the clip and lift off the belt guard.
Checking and adjusting the steering
The steering is controlled by means of wires. These can in
time become slack, which implies that the adjustment of the
steering becomes altered.
Check and adjust the steering as follows:
1 Remove the frame plate by loosening the screws. 3
screws at the front and 2 under the seat.
2 Check the tension of the steering wires by squeezing
them together by the arrows as illustrated.
3 If necessary, the wires can be adjusted by tightening the
adjuster nuts on each side of the steering collar. Do not
over tighten the cables; they should only be drawn in
towards the steering collar.
Hold the cable, for example using an adjustable wrench,
so that it does not twist.
If you only tension one side the steering wheel's centre
position may change.
Check the wire tension on completion of the adjustment
as per item 2.
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