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Safety Instructions - Husqvarna Rider 112C Operator's Manual

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Safety instructions

These instructions are for your safety. Read them carefully.
Insure your Rider
Check the insurance coverage for your new Rider.
Contact your insurance company.
You should have fully comprehensive insurance including:
third party, fire, damage, theft and liability
General use
Read all the instructions in this operator's manual and on
the machine before you start it. Ensure you understand
them and then observe them.
WARNING! This machine produces an
electromagnetic field during operation. This
field may under some circumstances
interfere with active or passive medical
implants. To reduce the risk of serious or
fatal injury, we recommend persons with
medical implants to consult their physician
and the medical implant manufacturer
before operating this machine.
Learn how to use the machine and its controls safely and
learn to how to stop quickly. Also learn to recognize the
safety decals.
Only allow the machine to be used by adults who are
familiar with its use.
Make sure nobody else is in the vicinity of the machine
when you start the engine, engage the drive or drive off.
Clear the area of objects such as stones, toys, wires, etc.
that may become caught in the blades and be thrown out.
Stop the engine and prevent the engine from being
started until you have cleaned the outlet channel.
Look out for the ejector and do not direct it towards
6 –
Stop the engine and prevent it from starting before you
clean the cutting unit.
Remember that the driver is responsible for dangers or
Never carry passengers. The machine is only intended to
be used by one person.
Always look downwards and backwards before and while
reversing. Keep watch for both large and small obstacles.
Slow before cornering.
Switch off the blades when you are not mowing.
Take care when rounding a fixed object, so that the blades
do not hit it. Never run the machine over foreign objects.
WARNING! This machine can sever hands
and feet as well as throw objects. Failure to
observe the safety instructions can result in
serious injuries.
WARNING! Engine exhaust, some of its
constituents and certain vehicle
components contain or emit chemicals
considered to cause cancer, birth defects or
other reproductive impairment. The engine
emits carbon monoxide, which is a
colourless, poisonous gas. Do not use the
machine in enclosed spaces.
Only use the machine in daylight or in other well-lit
conditions. Keep the machine at a safe distance from
holes or other irregularities in the ground. Pay attention to
other possible risks.
Never use the machine if you are tired, if you have
consumed alcohol, if you are taking other drugs or
medication that can affect your vision, judgement or co-
Keep an eye on the traffic when working close to a road or
when crossing it.
Never leave the machine unsupervised with the motor
running. Always stop the blades, apply the parking brake,
stop the engine and remove the keys before leaving the
Never use the machine in bad weather, for instance in fog,
in rain, damp or in wet locations,strong winds, intense
cold, risk of lightning, etc.

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