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Intel 80188EB User Manual page 25

Based fieldbus round card
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Appendix A
Data Link Configuration Section Format
80188EB-Based Fieldbus Round Card User Manual
is the address of the device on the Fieldbus network.
It ranges from 0x10 to 0xff. According to the Fieldbus Foundation
Specification, addresses between 0x10 and 0xf7 are fixed addresses.
A device with a fixed address can be in operational state. You will
normally configure your device to have a fixed address. Addresses
between 0xf8 and 0xfb are temporary addresses. A device with a
temporary address on the bus is eventually assigned a fixed address to
be operational. Addresses between 0xfc and 0xff are visitor addresses.
You should not assign a visitor address to your device.
A Sample Data Link Configuration section follows:
[Data Link]
; Comments are allowed on lines starting with a
; semicolon
If you specify a node address in the range 0xf8 through 0xfb, your
device may show up on the bus at any default address. You may use a
system configurator such as NI-FBUS Configurator to assign a fixed
address to your device.
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