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Generating Your Device Configuration; Converting Your Device Configuration To C Code; Compiling, Linking, And Locating Your Program - Intel 80188EB User Manual

Based fieldbus round card
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the Function Block Shell. See Chapter 7, Miscellaneous Functions, of
the NI-FBUS Function Block Shell Reference Manual for more details.

Generating Your Device Configuration

The initial configuration of your device includes the configuration of
items such as the starting node address, device identification, and,
optionally, the function block schedules. You must specify the
parameters in the standard Windows
file. Sample configuration files are included in the
subdirectory of your installation directory. You might want to start with
one of these files and edit it according to your needs. The entries in the
data link configuration and system management configuration sections
of your configuration
Appendix A, Data Link Configuration Section Format, and
Appendix B, System Management Configuration Section Format.
After you have generated your configuration
Configuration Generator to create a C source file that contains your
configuration. This step is described in the next section, Converting
Your Device Configuration to C Code.

Converting Your Device Configuration to C Code

To convert your Device Configuration to a compilable and linkable
file, you must use the Configuration Generator utility. The
Configuration Generator requires the following syntax:
cfggen iniFile cFile
name of the C source file for the output C code. If your
contains errors, the Configuration Generator halts and informs you
where the errors are located. Otherwise, it creates a
which you use in the final step to create your binary file.

Compiling, Linking, and Locating Your Program

The final stage of application development on the Round Card involves
creating a binary file suitable for downloading to the EPROM of the
Round Card.
library file, which your code must link to, was created
with Borland C version 4.5. Use either the same compiler or a compatible
compiler to ensure that your code works correctly with
Chapter 4
file are described in are described in
is the name of your configuration file, and
80188EB-Based Fieldbus Round Card User Manual
Interfacing to Your Round Card
file format in a configuration
file, you must run the
source file,
is the



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