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Software Overview - Intel 80188EB User Manual

Based fieldbus round card
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Chapter 1

Software Overview

80188EB-Based Fieldbus Round Card User Manual
The Fieldbus Round Card operates under one of two modes: PROG
mode and RUN mode. To select PROG mode, place jumper B on the
card. To select RUN mode, remove jumper B from the card.
When power is applied to the Fieldbus Round Card, the processor reads
the position of jumper B of W1 to check the mode. When the card is in
PROG mode, you can download your application from the COM port of
the host computer connected to the debug serial port. When the card is
in RUN mode, the processor begins executing the application that is
loaded in the Flash.
The software supplied with the Fieldbus Round Card Interface Kit
includes the NI-FBUS Function Block Shell, which is an Application
Programmer's Interface (API) designed to simplify Fieldbus device
development by providing a high-level interface to the Fieldbus
communications stack. In addition, you can use the serial driver API to
make use of the Round Card's interrupt-driven serial port. The serial
driver supports standard HART commands, as well as generic access to
the serial port to allow any other serial protocols. A linkable library
version of the Fieldbus protocol stack is also supplied. Link your
Function Block application with the Function Block Shell and the
protocol stack before downloading it to your Fieldbus Round Card.
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