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Intel 80188EB User Manual page 21

Based fieldbus round card
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Chapter 4
Interfacing to Your Round Card
80188EB-Based Fieldbus Round Card User Manual
National Instruments recommends that you use Borland C version 4.5 for
maximum compatibility with our library file.
The first step in the final stage is compilation. The following files must
be successfully compiled to
file generated by the Device Code Generator.
file generated by the Configuration Generator.
Your own
You should compile the files to
meet the following conditions:
You must use the Medium memory model (near data, far code). For
the Borland C 4.5 compiler, this option is
You must use the default structure alignment, which is a 2-byte
structure alignment for Borland C 4.5.
You must allow single-byte enumeration where possible. For the
Borland C 4.5 compiler, this option is
After you have compiled the files, you must link them with the National
Instruments Round Card library,
communications stack and Function Block Shell. You must specify the
following linker options when linking to
Case-sensitive public and external symbols. For the Borland C 4.5
linker, this option is
Ignore default libraries. For the Borland C 4.5 linker, this option
Set the segment alignment to 16 bytes. For the Borland C 4.5 linker,
this option is
When you have successfully completed linking your application, you
are ready to locate it in the physical address space of the Round Card.
To complete this step, you need a locator utility such as Paradigm
The locator file must place the Data Segment so that it covers at least the
first 32 bytes of the Frontier-1 memory space. If the Data Segment is not
placed correctly, the Round Card will be unable to communicate on the
file that contains your
format, using compiler options to
function and your
. This file contains the
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