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Writing Device Templates; Converting A Device Template To C Code; Figure 2-2. Bottom Side Of 80188Eb-Based Fieldbus Round Card - Intel 80188EB User Manual

Based fieldbus round card
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7. Compile, link, and locate your program on EPROM for installation
on the Round Card.
8. Burn your EPROM and place it at U9 on the Round Card. See
Figure 2-2, Bottom Side of 80188EB-Based Fieldbus Round Card,
in Chapter 2, Hardware Installation.
These steps are documented in more detail in the following sections.

Writing Device Templates

You must create a device template to describe the network-visible
structure of your device and the parameters of your function blocks
to the Function Block Shell. The device template is an ASCII file
that is divided into various sections containing numerical and string
parameters. The
contains sample device templates for devices containing function
blocks of the standard types.
The simplest way to create your device template is to modify a copy of
one of the sample device templates using a text editor such as MS-DOS
Edit or Windows Notepad. Choose the sample device template that most
closely matches your device. For example, if the main function of your
device is analog input, start with the AI Device Template. If you want
your device to contain multiple function blocks, you need to paste
sections from the sample files into your device template
The templates contain information about the device identification, the
physical and function blocks in the device, and the device parameters.
The device template syntax is described in Chapter 3, Registration
Functions, of the NI-FBUS Function Block Shell Reference Manual.
Your final device templates are converted to C code using the Device
Code Generator, described in the next section.

Converting a Device Template to C Code

Before you compile your Function Block device, you must convert the
device template to C code using the Device Code Generator. The
Device Code Generator resides in the
installation directory. The Device Code Generator takes the following
command line arguments:
codegen deviceTemplate outputFile symbolFile
Chapter 4
subdirectory of your installation directory
80188EB-Based Fieldbus Round Card User Manual
Interfacing to Your Round Card
subdirectory of your



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