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HP 6125XLG Configuration Manual Page 229

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch security configuration guide.
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# Specify the local and remote IP addresses of the IPsec tunnel as and
[SwitchA-ipsec-policy-isakmp-map1-10] local-address
[SwitchA-ipsec-policy-isakmp-map1-10] remote-address
# Apply the IKE profile profile1.
[SwitchA-ipsec-policy-isakmp-map1-10] ike-profile profile1
[SwitchA-ipsec-policy-isakmp-map1-10] quit
# Apply the IPsec policy map1 to interface VLAN-interface 1.
[SwitchA] interface vlan-interface 1
[SwitchA-Vlan-interface1] ipsec policy map1
Configure Switch B:
# Configure an IP address for VLAN-interface 1.
<SwitchB> system-view
[SwitchB] interface vlan-interface 1
[SwitchB-Vlan-interface1] ip address
[SwitchB-Vlan-interface1] quit
# Define an ACL to identify data flows between Switch B and Switch A.
[SwitchB] acl number 3101
[SwitchB-acl-adv-3101] rule 0 permit ip source 0 destination 0
[SwitchB-acl-adv-3101] quit
# Create an IPsec transform set named tran1.
[SwitchB] ipsec transform-set tran1
# Specify the encapsulation mode as tunnel.
[SwitchB-ipsec-transform-set-tran1] encapsulation-mode tunnel
# Specify the security protocol as ESP.
[SwitchB-ipsec-transform-set-tran1] protocol esp
# Specify the ESP encryption and authentication algorithms.
[SwitchB-ipsec-transform-set-tran1] esp encryption-algorithm aes-cbc-192
[SwitchB-ipsec-transform-set-tran1] esp authentication-algorithm sha1
[SwitchB-ipsec-transform-set-tran1] quit
# Create the IKE keychain named keychain1.
[SwitchB] ike keychain keychain1
# Configure the pre-shared key used with the peer as plaintext string of
[SwitchB-ike-keychain-keychain1] pre-shared-key address key
simple 12345zxcvb!@#$%ZXCVB
[SwitchB-ike-keychain-keychain1] quit
# Create the IKE profile named profile1.
[SwitchB] ike profile profile1
# Reference the keychain keychain1.
[SwitchB-ike-profile-profile1] keychain keychain1
[SwitchB-ike-profile-profile1] match remote identity address
[SwitchB-ike-profile-profile1] quit
# Create an IKE mode IPsec policy entry, with the policy name use1, and sequence number 10.
[SwitchB] ipsec policy use1 10 isakmp
# Apply ACL 3101.



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