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HP 6125XLG Configuration Manual Page 218

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch security configuration guide.
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Specify an IKE profile for the
IPsec policy.
Specify the local IP address of
the IPsec tunnel.
Specify the remote IP address
of the IPsec tunnel.
Set the IPsec SA lifetime.
(Optional.) Set the IPsec SA
idle timeout.
Return to system view.
Set the global SA lifetime.
(Optional.) Enable the global
IPsec SA idle timeout function,
and set the global SA idle
Configuring an IKE-based IPsec policy by referencing an IPsec policy template
The configurable parameters for an IPsec policy template are the same as those when you directly
configure an IKE-based IPsec policy. The difference is that more parameters are optional for an IPsec
policy template. Except the IPsec transform sets and the IKE profile, all other parameters are optional.
A device referencing an IPsec policy that is configured by using an IPsec policy template cannot initiate
an SA negotiation, but it can respond to a negotiation request. The parameters not defined in the
template are determined by the initiator. For example, in an IPsec policy template, the ACL is optional.
If you do not specify an ACL, the IPsec protection range has no limit. So the device accepts all ACL
ike-profile profile-name
local-address { ipv4-address | ipv6
ipv6-address }
remote-address { [ ipv6 ]
host-name | ipv4-address | ipv6
ipv6-address }
sa duration { time-based seconds |
traffic-based kilobytes }
sa idle-time seconds
ipsec sa global-duration
{ time-based seconds |
traffic-based kilobytes }
ipsec sa idle-time seconds
By default, the IPsec policy
references no IKE profile, and it
uses the IKE parameters configured
in system view for negotiation.
An IPsec policy can reference only
one IKE profile and it cannot
reference any IKE profile that is
already referenced by other IPsec
policies or IPsec policy templates.
For more information about IKE
profiles, see "Configuring IKE."
By default, the local IPv4 address
of IPsec tunnel is the primary IPv4
address of the interface to which
the IPsec policy is applied, and the
local IPv4 address of the IPsec
tunnel is the first IPv6 address of the
interface to which the IPsec policy
is applied.
The local IP address specified by
this command must be the same as
the IP address used as the local IKE
By default, the remote IP address of
the IPsec tunnel is not specified.
By default, the global SA lifetime is
By default, the global SA idle
timeout is used.
By default, the time-based SA
lifetime is 3600 seconds, and the
traffic-based SA lifetime is
1843200 kilobytes.
By default, the global IPsec SA idle
timeout function is disabled.



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