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HP 6125XLG Configuration Manual: Configuration Procedure

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch security configuration guide.
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Figure 12 Network diagram

Configuration procedure

Configure the HWTACACS server. (Details not shown.)
Configure the RADIUS server. (Details not shown.)
Configure the switch:
# Assign IP addresses to interfaces. (Details not shown.)
# Create local RSA and DSA key pairs.
<Switch> system-view
[Switch] public-key local create rsa
[Switch] public-key local create dsa
# Enable the SSH service.
[Switch] ssh server enable
# Enable scheme authentication for user interfaces VTY 0 through VTY 15.
[Switch] user-interface vty 0 15
[Switch-ui-vty0-15] authentication-mode scheme
[Switch-ui-vty0-15] quit
# Configure an HWTACACS scheme.
[Switch] hwtacacs scheme hwtac
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] primary authorization 49
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] key authorization simple expert
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] user-name-format without-domain
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] quit
# Configure a RADIUS scheme.
[Switch] radius scheme rd
[Switch-radius-rd] primary accounting 1813
[Switch-radius-rd] key accounting simple expert
[Switch-radius-rd] user-name-format without-domain
[Switch-radius-rd] quit
# Create a device management user.
[Switch] local-user hello class manage
# Assign the SSH service for the local user.
[Switch-luser-manage-hello] service-type ssh
# Set a password for the local user to hello in plain text.
[Switch-luser-manage-hello] password simple hello



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