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Delay Start - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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Additional functions

Delay start

The start time of a programme can be
delayed, e.g. to benefit from economy
rates of electricity. A delay start time of
between 30 minutes and 24 hours can
be selected. The delay start time is set
in 30 minute steps.
When using the Delay start function,
make sure that the detergent
compartment is dry before adding
detergent. Wipe dry with a cloth if
necessary. If the compartment is
wet, powder detergent can become
lumpy and stick to the dispenser,
with the result that it is not fully
Do not use liquid detergent when
selecting Delay start, as it can run
into the dishwasher before it is
^ Open the door.
^ Switch the dishwasher on using the
On/Off button K.
The On/Off indicator light K comes on.
^ Select the programme required with
the programme selector button.
^ Press the , button.
The last delay start time used will
appear in the display. The , indicator
lights up.
^ Set the required time using the ,
If the , button is kept pressed in, the
time will increase automatically up to
24:00 h
. To start at 30 minutes again,
press the , button twice.
^ Close the door.
If, after you have set the delay start
time, you do not press close the door
within a few seconds, the display will
revert to showing the programme
duration. You will have to enter the
delay start time again.
The delay start time then counts down
to the start time selected in minute
At the end of the delay period, the
programme selected begins
automatically. The time left for a
programme to run then shows in the
display, the , indicator light goes out,
and the indicator light for the
programme selected comes on.



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