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Plumbing; The Miele Waterproof Anti-Leak System; Connection To The Water Supply - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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The Miele waterproof anti-leak
Providing your dishwasher has been
installed correctly, the Miele waterproof
anti-leak system will protect you from
water damage throughout its lifetime.
Connection to the water
Water in the dishwasher must
not be used as drinking water.
– The dishwasher may be connected
to a cold or hot water supply, max.
60 °C. We would only recommend
connection to a hot water supply if it
is economical, e.g. a solar powered
supply. When connected to a hot
water supply all programme stages
which would otherwise be carried out
with cold water will be carried out
with hot water.
– The Without heater programme (if
available) requires a hot water
supply of between 45 °C (minimum)
and 60 °C (maximum).
The higher the water intake
temperature, the better the cleaning
and drying results.
– The inlet hose is approx. 1.5 m long.
A 1.5 metre long flexible metal
extension hose, pressure tested to
14,000 kPa/ 140 bar, is available as
an optional accessory if required.
– A stopcock with a
must be provided on site.
– This appliance is constructed to
comply with IEC/EN/DIN 61770 //
VDE 0700 Section 600, and may be
connected to a suitable supply
without an extra non-return valve if
national regulations permit.
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