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Cleaning The Drain Pump And Non-Return Valve - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning the drain pump and
non-return valve
If the water has not been pumped away
at the end of a programme the drain
pump or the non-return valve might be
blocked. They are, however, easy to
^ Disconnect the dishwasher from the
mains supply. Switch off at the mains
socket and withdraw the plug.
^ Take the filter combination out of the
wash cabinet (see "Cleaning and
care - Checking the filters in the wash
^ Scoop the water out of the cabinet
using a suitable container or utensil.
^ Press the catch for the non-return
valve inwards
^ Lift out the non-return valve
rinse well under running water.
^ Remove all foreign objects from the
non-return valve.
, and
The drain pump is situated under the
non-return valve (see arrow).
^ Remove all foreign objects from the
drain pump (watch out for glass or
bone splinters which are particularly
difficult to detect and could cause
injury). Turn the drain pump impeller
by hand to check that there are no
more obstructions. You will feel a little
resistance when you turn the
^ Carefully replace the non-return valve
and secure it with the catch.
Ensure that the catch engages
Be very careful not to damage
sensitive components when
cleaning the drain pump and the
non-return valve.



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