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Miele TOUCHTRONIC G 694 SC Operating Instructions Manual

Miele carpet cleaner user manual
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Operating instructions

G 694 SC
G 894 SC
To prevent accidents
and machine damage,
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 05 431 271



  Summary of Contents for Miele TOUCHTRONIC G 694 SC

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Touchtronic G 694 SC G 894 SC To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions installation or use. M.-Nr. 05 431 271...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Energy saving washing ..........10 Wash cabinet .
  • Page 3 Adding detergent..........31 Running the dishwasher .
  • Page 4 Installation and repair work should be by a Miele authorized service technician. Work by unqualified per- sons could be dangerous and could void the warranty. , WARNING - Fire hazard Do not cover or crush the plug of an electric appliance.
  • Page 5 However, under certain conditions it may be possible for an installation in these applications. Please contact the nearest Miele dealer or the Miele Tech- nical Service Department with specific requirements. Inspect the dishwasher for ship- ping damage.
  • Page 6: Wash Cabinet

    When loading tableware, place sharp items away from the door seal to prevent damage to the seal. Load knives pointing downwards to prevent injuries. Only use detergents and rinse aids recommended for residential dish- washers. Keep all detergents and rinse aids out of the reach of children.
  • Page 7 Le fabricant ne peut être tenu responsable de dommages ou blessures causés par l’usage inapproprié de l’appareil. Tout usage inapproprié est déconseillé. Cet appareil est destiné à un usage domestique uniquement. Conservez ces consignes dans un lieu sûr et transmettez-les à tout utilisateur futur.
  • Page 8 Toutefois, son ins- tallation est possible dans certaines cir- constances. Veuillez communiquer vos exigences particulières au détaillant Miele le plus près de chez vous ou au service du soutien technique. Vérifiez si votre lave-vaisselle n’a pas subi de dommage lors du transport.
  • Page 9 N’utilisez le lave-vaisselle que lorsque tous les panneaux sont bien en place. Ne jouez pas avec les commandes. Afin de diminuer le risque de bles- sures, ne laissez pas les enfants jouer près de l’appareil ni monter de- dans ou dessus. Évitez de malmener la porte ou les paniers du lave-vaisselle ou de vous y appuyer ou asseoir.
  • Page 10 This dishwasher is exceptionally eco- nomical in the use of water and electric- ity. For best results follow these tips: ^ For lowest energy consumption and the gentlest washing of china and crystal, connect the dishwasher to a cold water source. ^ For fastest possible wash times, yet higher energy consumption, connect the dishwasher to a hot water source.
  • Page 11 Upper spray arm (not visible) Cutlery tray Upper basket Water feed for middle spray arm Middle spray arm Lower spray arm Four height adjustable feet Triple Filter System Salt reservoir Detergent dispenser Rinse aid reservoir Data plate...
  • Page 12 "On/Off" button Program list / indicators Check/Refill indicators Program sequence display Delay start display "Start/Stop" button Every dishwasher is tested before leaving the factory. Any water remaining in the machine is from these tests and does not indicate that the machine has been used.
  • Page 13 ^ Press the release catch inside the door grip. If the door is opened during operation, the dishwasher will stop running. Once the door is closed the program will re- start. ^ Push the baskets in. ^ Lift the door and push until it clicks into position.
  • Page 14 To achieve good cleaning results, the dishwasher needs soft water. Hard water results in calcium deposits on dishware and in the dishwasher. If your tap water hardness is above 8 gr/gal (140 ppm), the water should be softened. This takes place automati- cally in the unit’s integrated water soft- ener.
  • Page 15: Control Panel

    Your water hardness level must be pro- grammed into the dishwasher using the buttons on the control panel. The programming can be cancelled and restarted at any time by turning the dishwasher off with the "On/Off" button (13). ^ Make sure the dishwasher is turned off.
  • Page 16 ^ Make sure the dishwasher is turned off. ^ Press and hold the "Top Solo" (20) and "Start/Stop" (18) buttons and at the same time turn on the dishwasher with the "On/Off" button (13). Release all buttons. The programmed water hardness will flash in the delay start display.
  • Page 17: Water Softener

    Other salts may contain insoluble additives which can impair the water softener. The proper salt can be purchased from your Miele dealer or Miele’s Technical Service Department. ^ Remove the lower basket. ^ Unscrew and remove the salt reser- voir cap located on the floor of the wash cabinet.
  • Page 18: Salt Indicator

    When the salt reservoir is empty, the "Salt-PC" indicator will light, indicating that it should be refilled with reactiva- tion salt. After the reservoir has been filled, the water softener is automatically reacti- vated the next time the dishwasher is started.
  • Page 19: Rinse Aid

    Rinse aid is recommended to prevent spotting on dishes and glassware. Filling the rinse aid reservoir with detergent will damage the reservoir. Only pour rinse aid formulated for residential dishwashers into the reservoir. ^ Add rinse aid before the first use and whenever the "Rise aid"...
  • Page 20: Rinse Aid Indicator

    The dosage selector is preset to 3. This dispenses approximately 3 ml of rinse aid per program. It can be adjusted from 1 to 6. ^ Use a higher setting if spots appear on dry glassware. ^ Use a lower setting if streaking ap- pears on dishes or glasses.
  • Page 21: Upper Basket

    Do not wash items soiled with ash, sand, wax, grease or paint in the dishwasher. Ash and sand do not dissolve and will be distributed through out the in- side of the dishwasher. Wax, grease and paint will cause permanent discoloration or damage to the dishwasher.
  • Page 22 – Cutlery with wooden handles. – Wooden cutting boards. – Glued items such as old knives with handles glued together around the shank of the blade. – Hand made craft items, antique, metal trimmed or decorative glass- ware. – Lead crystal. –...
  • Page 23 The removable cutlery tray makes un- loading flatware easy. Simply carry the cutlery tray to where the flatware is stored and put the entire basket away in one trip. For easier unloading cutlery should be grouped in zones, one for knives, one for forks, one for spoons, etc.
  • Page 24 On select models, the upper basket can be raised or lowered to accommo- date tall items. ^ Slide out the upper basket. ^ Pull up the levers at the sides of the upper basket and adjust the basket height. ^ Release the levers and the basket will lock in place.
  • Page 25: Coffee Bar

    Raise the rack to make room for tall glasses. Lower it to double stack smaller pieces. To allow water to run off the bottom of coffee mugs, place slanted on top of the coffee bar. The bar can also be used to separate two rows of glasses.
  • Page 26: Lower Basket

    For larger and heavier items such as plates, serving platters, sauce pans, bowls. The guide at the front of the upper bas- ket determines the maximum height for items placed in the lower basket so that the middle spray arm is not blocked.
  • Page 27 Various removable inserts are available for the lower basket to accomodate spe- cial items to be washed. ^ To remove an insert, gently pull up on the handle. ^ Slid the hitches of the inset under the vertical struts of the lower basket. ^ Push down on the handle to snap the insert into position.
  • Page 28: Foldable Spike Insert

    A highly flexible design holds tableware securely. It can be folded out of the way for pots, pans and other large items. This insert secures plates and platters. Two rows of spikes can be folded down, to create more room for larger dishware e.g.
  • Page 29: Plateguard Plus Insert

    A unique design cradles plates at 3 points and can be used for washing cups, glasses, plates, bowls and pots. ^ Hook the PlateGuard Plus insert into the left half of the lower basket, the area marked in white. The bottle holder e.g. for milk or baby bottles, can be inserted into the bottom basket in more than one place.
  • Page 30: Vase / Bottle Holder

    Additional inserts for the upper and lower baskets may be purchased from your Miele dealer or the Miele Technical Service Department. Vase / Bottle holder Tall Glassware Insert Lower Basket Cup Insert Large Diameter Plate Insert Mini Cutlery Basket Plateguard Plus Cup Rack...
  • Page 31 Dishwasher detergents contain irritant and corrosive ingredients. Keep children away from detergent. Do not fill the detergent dispenser until you are ready to start the dish- washer. Only use powder detergents or tab- lets formulated for residential dish- washers. The use of gel or liquid de- tergent is not recommended.
  • Page 32 Important program steps could be omitted (e. g. reactivating the water softener). All Miele dishwashers are specially de- signed to shut off the water intake and drain the wash cabinet in the rare event of an internal water valve failure.
  • Page 33 The "End" indicator will light and 0 will appear in the delay start display when the program has finished. ^ Turn off the dishwasher. The "Start/Stop" (18) indicator will go out. ^ Open the dishwasher door slightly to allow the dishes to cool before un- loading.
  • Page 34 Program Pots & Pans Main wash temperature Run-time Sani Wash extended wash time Main wash temperature Run-time Normal Plus higher wash temperature helps to clean Main wash temperature Run-time Normal Main wash temperature Run-time China & "Gentle program" Crystal o Main wash temperature Run-time Economy...
  • Page 35 Using "Top Solo" will save water and energy. This program is recommended when there is only a small load to clean. "Top Solo" can be selected with all pro- grams. With this feature, water is directed only to the top and middle spray arms in the dishwasher.
  • Page 36: Adding Detergent

    The start time of a program can be de- layed from 1 to 9 hours. The delay start is set in one hour steps. When using delay start, make sure the detergent compartment is dry before adding detergent. Wipe dry if necessary.
  • Page 37 ^ Press and hold the "Start/Stop" (18) button for at least one second. The delay start display (17) will go out. The "Start/Stop" (18) indicator will flash. ^ Select "Top Solo" again, if needed. ^ Press the "Start/Stop" (18) button. The program will begin.
  • Page 38 If desired drying results are not consis- tently achieved, the turbothermic cool- ing fan can be programmed to run an extra 14 minutes at the end of each program. The "Extended drying" feature can also be activated to prevent condensation from collecting on the steam deflector.
  • Page 39 Reset the circuit breaker. Make sure it is a 15 A cir- cuit breaker. Reset the circuit breaker Make sure it is a 15 A cir- cuit breaker. See maintenance instruc- tions. Call the Miele Technical Service Department. Contact a plumber.
  • Page 40 Water intake error Drain error, water left in the wash cabinet – Turn off the dishwasher before fixing the prob- lem. – Open the water valve. – Clean the water intake filter, see maintenance instructions. – The flow pressure at the water inlet is less than 4.5 psi (0.3 bar).
  • Page 41 – Select a program. – Press the "Start/Stop" button. If the indicators flash again, there is a technical problem. – Call the Miele Technical Service Department. Interrupt the program, re- arrange items blocking the spray arms. Interrupt the program and rearrange loose pieces.
  • Page 42 The dishes were not loaded correctly. The program was not powerful enough. Not enough detergent was used. The spray arm jets are clogged. The triple filter is clogged or not correctly seated. The drain pump or the non-return valve may be blocked.
  • Page 43 Glasses are not dish- washer safe. Natural dyes e. g. from vegetables may be the cause. Not enough deter- gent was used to break down natural dyes. The salt reservoir cap was not screwed on properly. The affected items are not corrosion resistant.
  • Page 44 In the event of a fault which you cannot correct yourself please contact: – Your Miele Dealer – The Miele Technical Service Depart- ment. USA 1-800-999-1360 CDN 1-800-565-6435 When contacting the Miele Technical Service Department, please quote the model and serial number of your appli- ance.
  • Page 45 To transport the dishwasher, e. g. when moving to a new home, note the follow- ing: – Empty the dishwasher. – Secure any loose parts, e. g. hoses, cables, cutlery baskets. – Transport the dishwasher in the up- right position. If unavoidable it may be transported on its back.
  • Page 47: User Maintenance Instructions

    User Maintenance Instructions To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions installation or use.
  • Page 48 The triple filter system in the base of the wash cabinet prevents food from being redeposited on dishes. It also protects the circulation pump from damage caused by foreign objects (e.g. broken glass, bones). The filter system should be cleaned ev- ery 4 - 6 months or whenever a foreign object is trapped.
  • Page 49 To clean the underside of the filter, the flap must be opened: ^ Pull back the yellow clip. ^ Rinse all parts under running water. Scrub with a nylon brush if neces- sary. ^ Close the flap so that the clip en- gages.
  • Page 50 Sometimes particles of food get stuck in the spray arm jets. The spray arms should be inspected and cleaned every 4 - 6 months. ^ Turn off the dishwasher before clean- ing. Remove the spray arms as follows: ^ Remove the cutlery tray (if present). ^ Press the top spray arm upwards to engage the inner ratchet and un- screw the spray arm.
  • Page 51 The wash cabinet can be cleaned with a dishwasher cleaner such as Dis Cleaner available from your Miele dealer or the Miele Technical Service Department. ^ Wipe the door seal with a damp cloth to remove any food particles.
  • Page 52 These filters can be purchased from Miele’s Technical Service Depart- ment. The plastic valve housing on the intake hose contains electrical com- ponents and should not be im- mersed, or run through water.
  • Page 53: At The End Of A Program,

    If the dishwasher is not completely drained at the end of a program, the drain pump or non-return valve may be blocked. ^ Turn off the dishwasher. ^ Remove the triple filter (see "Cleaning the filter in the wash cabinet"). ^ Use a jug or bowl to scoop water out of the wash cabinet.
  • Page 56 Alterations rights reserved / (G 694 / G 894 Plus) / 1403 This bio-friendly paper was bleached without the use of chlorine. M.-Nr. 05 431 271 / V00 M.-Nr. 05 431 271 / V00...

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