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Display; Standby - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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The duration of the programme
selected appears in hours and minutes
in the display before the programme
begins. During the programme, the
time left until the end of the programme
is displayed.
Symbols appear to indicate which
stage the programme is at:
Pre-wash / Soak
Main wash
Interim rinse
Final rinse
The time displayed may vary with the
same programme. This can be due,
among other factors, to the water
temperature at each intake, the
reactivation process, the type of
detergent, the amount of crockery and
how dirty it is.
When a programme is selected for the
first time, the display shows an average
time for a cold water intake.
The times shown in the Programme
chart refer to standard test loads and
Each time a programme is run, the
electronic unit takes the new conditions
into account, and calculates the time


To save energy, the dishwasher will
switch to Standby mode a few minutes
after the last time a button has been
pressed or a few minutes after the end
of the programme. The display and the
indicator lights will go out and only the
On/Off indictator light K will flash
^ Press the On/Off button K to switch
the display and indicators back on
If the dishwasher is not switched off at
the end of the programme, it will switch
off completely after a few minutes in
Standby mode (see "Settings menu,
Optimise standby").
The dishwasher will not switch into
Standby mode whilst a programme
is running, if salt or rinse aid needs
to be replenished or there is a fault.
If you only use combination
products containing salt and rinse
aid in your dishwasher, you can
switch off the reminders to replenish
salt and rinse aid so that the
dishwasher will go into Standby
despite a lack of salt or rinse aid
(see "Before using for the first time").
You cannot switch off fault



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