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Before Using The Appliance For The First Time, You Require; Filling The Salt Reservoir; Level In Your Area. 6 1.1 11 - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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Before using the appliance for
the first time, you require:
– approx. 1 kg dishwasher salt*,
– domestic dishwasher detergent*,
– rinse aid* formulated for domestic
*See "Optional accessories"
Every dishwasher is tested at the
There will be residual water in the
appliance from this test. It is not an
indication that it has been used

Filling the salt reservoir

In order to achieve good cleaning
results, the dishwasher needs to
operate with soft water. Hard water
results in the build-up of calcium
deposits on crockery and in the
Mains water with a hardness level
higher than 0.7 mmol/l (4 °d – German
scale) needs to be softened. This takes
place automatically in the integrated
water softener. The water softener in
this dishwasher is suitable for a water
hardness level of up to 12.6 mmol/l
(70 °d - German scale).
The water softener requires dishwasher
Depending on the water hardness level
(ß 3.8 mmol/l, or 21 °d - German scale),
dishwasher salt is not required if
combination tablets are being used
(see "Detergent").
Before using for the first time
If the water in your area is very soft
and constantly lower than
0.7 mmol/l (4 °d - German scale),
you do not need to add dishwasher
salt. The water softener must,
however, still be programmed to
correspond to the water hardness
level in your area.
Inadvertently filling the salt
reservoir with powder or liquid
dishwasher detergent will damage
the water softener. Make sure you
have picked up the correct packet
of dishwasher salt before filling the
salt reservoir!
Only use special coarse grained
dishwasher salt for reactivation, as
other salts may contain insoluble
additives which can impair the
functioning of the water softener.



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