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Maintenance; Cleaning The Water Inlet Filter - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning the water inlet filter

A filter is incorporated in the screw
connection of the valve on the water
inlet hose. The filter must be cleaned
when dirty, otherwise insufficient water
flows into the wash cabinet.
The plastic housing of the water
connection contains an electrical
component. It must not be dipped in
If the mains water contains a large
amount of insoluble substances, we
recommend fitting a large-area filter in
the connection between the stopcock
and the water inlet hose threaded
union. This filter is available from the
Miele Spares Parts dept.
Cleaning the filter:
^ Disconnect the dishwasher from the
mains supply. Switch off at the mains
socket and withdraw the plug.
^ Close the stopcock.
^ Unscrew the inlet hose.
^ Carefully remove the seal.
^ Withdraw the filter using pointed
pliers and rinse clean under running
^ Replace the filter and seal, making
sure they are sitting correctly.
^ Reconnect the inlet hose to the
stopcock, making sure it goes on
correctly and is not cross-threaded.
^ Turn on the stopcock gradually to
test for leaks. If there is a leak, the
inlet hose might not be on securely,
or it may have been screwed on at an
angle. Unscrew and reconnect the
water inlet valve correctly.





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