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Miele G 7856 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Operating and Installation
G 7856
en - US
To prevent accidents
and machine damage
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 09 321 310



  Summary of Contents for Miele G 7856

  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Dishwasher G 7856 en - US To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 09 321 310...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 4 Guide to the machine ..........8 Intended purpose .
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING - Installation and service When using your dishwasher Installation and repair work should follow basic precautions, be performed by a qualified and trained including the following: service technician in accordance with local and national safety regulations. Work by unqualified persons could be This dishwasher is intended for dangerous and may void the warranty.
  • Page 5 A damaged machine is Please follow the advice on dangerous. Unplug the machine and installation in this manual and in the call your Miele dealer or the Miele separate Installation Instructions. Technical Service Department. Personnel operating the machine If the power cord is damaged it should be trained regularly.
  • Page 6 Do not smoke or use an open by Miele. Suds can have an adverse flame during this time. effect on the cleaning process. Avoid inhaling detergent. If...
  • Page 7: Save These Instructions

    INSTRUCTIONS contact with the steel outer casing of the machine. Accessories Only specific additional equipment, made by Miele or approved by Miele, should be used with this machine. Consult Miele on the type and application of such equipment.
  • Page 8: Guide To The Machine

    Guide to the machine a Connection for dosage pump for d Compartment for powder detergent liquid detergents - optional e Rinse aid reservoir (located on the rear side of the (with dosage selector) machine) b Filter combination c Salt reservoir (water softener)
  • Page 9 Guide to the machine a On/Off button (I-0) j Serial interface (for use by Service Technicians) b Door button k Add liquid cleaning agent indicator c Display (only applies to machines equipped d Delay Start indicator with an optional external DOS (see "Programming special module) functions")
  • Page 10: Intended Purpose

    Intended purpose This Miele machine is a dishwasher with fresh water wash system and short batch times for household and professional applications. It is especially suitable for use where quick turn-around flexible wash programs, and commercial durability are of the utmost importance.
  • Page 11: Opening And Closing The Door

    Opening and closing the door To open the door To close the door ^ Press the door button, hold the door ^ Lift the door upwards and push until grip and pull open the door at the it clicks shut. Do not press the door same time.
  • Page 12: Water Softener

    Water softener To avoid the build-up of calcium For future servicing it is useful to make deposits on items being cleaned and in a note of your water hardness level. the machine the water needs to be ^ Enter details of your water hardness softened.
  • Page 13 Water softener Table of settings °d °d (German gr/gal Setting (German gr/gal Setting scale) scale) *) factory setting 19 *) Machines without a water softener are set to "0" at the factory. This setting of "0" must not be changed on these machines.
  • Page 14: Setting The Water Softener

    Water softener Setting the water softener ^ Switch the machine off. ^ Turn the program selector to "Stop". ^ Press "Display" and "Start" at the same time, hold them in and while doing so switch on the machine with the "On/Off" button. The actual program status "P..."...
  • Page 15: Filling The Salt Reservoir

    2 quarts (2.5 liters) of water which could result in damage to water. the water softener. If in doubt consult your Miele Professional Department. The salt reservoir holds approx. 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) of salt. Inadvertently filling the salt reservoir with cleaning agent will damage the water softener.
  • Page 16: Salt Indicator

    Water softener Salt indicator ^ Wipe any residual salt off the screw threads on the socket. When the salt reservoir is empty the "Recharging" indicator light b comes ^ Screw the cap on firmly. on to remind you to fill the reservoir. ^ Immediately after this: Run the Reactivation takes place automatically "Rinse"...
  • Page 17: Rinse Aid

    Rinse aid Adding rinse aid Rinse aid is needed to prevent spotting on dishes and glassware. The rinse aid is filled in the reservoir and the set amount will be automatically dispensed during the final rinse. The reservoir holds about 4 oz. (125 ml).
  • Page 18: Setting The Dosage

    Rinse aid Setting the dosage ^ Add rinse aid until it is visible on the surface of the filter in the opening. The dosage selector (see arrow) is ^ Close the flap until it clicks into place. preset to 3. This dispenses approximately 3 ml of rinse aid per Make sure it is firmly shut, otherwise program.
  • Page 19: Loading The Machine

    Select baskets and inserts which are ensure good coverage of water. appropriate for the application ^ Small pieces should be placed on (available from Miele). the cup racks in the upper basket. Do not obscure them by larger items See examples on the following pages below.
  • Page 20: Loading Examples

    Loading the machine Loading examples: Individual upper and bottom baskets O 889 Upper basket carrier O 881 Upper basket for 20 cups, 24 saucers or 12 dessert to take various inserts, e.g. containers plates. for cutlery and glasses. U 880 Bottom basket U 880 Bottom basket with 2 x E 216 half inserts each for with E 884 insert 1/1 for 20 large plates...
  • Page 21 Loading the machine Glass-Set GG/F-GL O 882 Upper basket for 27 glasses Ø 65 mm. U 880 Bottom basket with 2 x E 205 half inserts each for 14 glasses Ø 65 mm.
  • Page 22: Adjusting The Upper Basket

    Loading the machine Adjusting the upper basket Items not suitable for dishwashers The upper basket can be adjusted above and below the middle position – Cutlery with wooden or bone by 1" (2.5 cm). It is set in the middle handles.
  • Page 23: Adding Cleaning Agent

    Adding cleaning agent Only use cleaning agents formulated for dishwashers. Powder cleaning agent is dispensed via the compartment for powder cleaning agents in the door. Liquid cleaning agents are dispensed via dosing pump (optional). Tab cleaning agents cannot be used in this machine.
  • Page 24 Adding cleaning agent Maintenance of the dispensing "Rapid" program systems The following maintenance should be carried out by a Miele Service Technician to ensure trouble-free operation. Use caution when handling liquid agents and additives! They may contain irritant or caustic ingredients.
  • Page 25: Use

    Once the program has started all other Turning on programs are blocked. If the program ^ Close the door. selector is turned to another program ^ Open the water supply (if closed). during the running program, the values shown in the display will go out. The ^ Press the On / Off button.
  • Page 26: Selecting An Additional Function

    Selecting an additional At the end of a program function At the end of a program the "program sequence indicators" and the "Start" "Extra drying" can be selected as an indicator go out. A "0" will appear in the additional function. display and a buzzer sounds for 30 ^ Select the drying function directly seconds (factory setting).
  • Page 27: Changing A Program

    Changing a program Canceling a program If the "Start" button has not yet been Once a program is running it should pressed, the selected program can be only be canceled in extreme cases, changed. e.g. when items in the machine are moving and need to be arranged ^ Turn the program selector to the securely.
  • Page 28: Program Guide

    Program guide Program When to use Program cycle Pre- Main Interim Final Drying wash wash rinse rinse (Option. funct.) 1 2 3 For temperature sensitive glassware China & X (X) and lightly soiled dishware. Crystal Run-time: ~ 12 minutes* 120°F (plus 10 minutes for optional drying) Quick program for lightly soiled Rapid...
  • Page 29 Program guide Program When to use Program cycle Pre- Main Interim Final Drying wash wash rinse rinse (Option. funct.) 1 2 3 For normally soiled items with light Economy X (X) greasy/oily residues. 130°F Run-time: ~ 24 minutes* (plus 10 minutes for optional drying) For heavily soiled items.
  • Page 30: Programming Special Functions

    Programming special functions 2. Selecting a second interim rinse Every change of the factory setting A second interim rinse "Interim rinse II" should be documented in case of can be programmed to improve interim possible technical service. rinsing in all programs (not available for Record any changes in the field "Rinse"...
  • Page 31 Programming special functions 3. Selecting an economy interim 4. Venting and setting the dosage for rinse (only for "Rapid" program) liquid cleaning agents (optional extra) ^ Turn the program selector to "Stop". ^ Turn the program selector to "Stop". ^ Turn the machine off. ^ Turn the machine off.
  • Page 32 Programming special functions Setting the dosage Having changed a value or all values: ^ Press the "Start" button. "SP" is Set the dispensing amount according displayed. to the detergent manufacturer's ^ Press the "Start" button again. The recommendations and the applications.
  • Page 33 Programming special functions ^ Temperature "Main wash": 5. Altering the cleaning temperature Press "Extra Drying" three times. and/or the temperature holding time "E03" (programming level 3) is in the "Main Wash" and "Final rinse"stage of the program cycle displayed. ^ Turn the program selector to the Any changes to the wash program to be changed.
  • Page 34 Programming special functions ^ Temperature "Final rinse": ^ Temperature holding time "Final Turn the program selector to the rinse": "STOP" position (the programming Turn the program selector to the level is displayed in this position "Stop" position (the programming only). level is displayed in this position only).
  • Page 35 Programming special functions 6. Delay start and setting the delay b) Setting the delay start period start time The delay start period (from 30 minutes to 9 hours 30 mins) must be set before The start of a wash program can be delayed up to 9 hours and 30 minutes a program is started.
  • Page 36 Programming special functions ^ Press "Display" until the desired 7. Buzzer function is displayed. A buzzer (30 secs) can be set for the ^ Press the "Start" button. "SP" is following functions: displayed. – End of program = Buzzer constantly ^ Press the "Start"...
  • Page 37 Programming special functions 8. Re-setting all changes back to the factory default ^ Turn the program selector to "Stop". ^ Turn the machine off. ^ Press and hold the "Display" and "Start" buttons, at the same time turn the machine on with the"On/Off" button.
  • Page 38: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care ^ To unscrew the micro-fine filter, take Cleaning the filters in the wash hold of the two clips and turn twice in cabinet a counter-clockwise direction, The machine must not be used ^ and remove, together with the flat without all the filters in place.
  • Page 39: Cleaning The Spray Arms

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the spray arms Particles in the lower spray arm are easier to rinse out if the cap is first Waste particles can lodge in the spray opened. arm jets. The spray arms should be inspected and cleaned regularly (approx. every 6 months).
  • Page 40 Cleaning and care Cleaning the drain pump and non-return valve If water has not been pumped away at the end of a program the drain pump or the non-return valve might be blocked. They are however, easy to clean. ^ Take the filter combination out of the wash cabinet.
  • Page 41: Cleaning The Filters In The Water Inlet

    Cleaning and care ^ Replace filters and the seal. Make Cleaning the filters in the water sure they are sitting correctly. inlet ^ Reconnect the hose to the water inlet, Filters are incorporated in the screw making sure that it goes back on connection of the water inlet hose to straight.
  • Page 42: Frequently Asked Questions

    ^ Reset the circuit breaker. See the data – The circuit breaker has tripped. plate for minimum amperage. ^ If the circuit breaker trips again. Contact Miele. A few minutes after switching on, the "Fill/Drain" indicator light flashes (fault code F..E appears in the display) Possible fault Solution ^ Turn the program selector to the "Stop"...
  • Page 43 ^ Remove the cause of the fault. ^ Remove the service panel (see "Electrical connection"). ^ Press the reset button on the heater limiter (yellow) located on the left- hand side of the plastic cover. If this switch trips again contact Miele.
  • Page 44: After Sales Service

    In the event of a fault which you cannot correct yourself or if the fault code "F..." shows in the display please contact the Miele Service Department at the phone number on the back of these instructions. ^ Please quote the model and serial number of your machine.
  • Page 45: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most current product specification, technical & warranty information. To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use.
  • Page 46: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Disposal of the appliance material Appliances contain materials which can be recycled. Please contact your local The protective packing materials are authorities about recycling in your area. environmentally safe and can be recycled.
  • Page 47: Installation

    Installation Please refer to the installation If necessary, the machine lid can be diagram supplied with the machine. removed as follows: ^ Open the door. Furniture and fittings installed near the machine must be able to withstand the effects of steam and condensed water.
  • Page 48: Leveling The Machine

    Depending on the requirements for installation, the following "kits" can be Position and secure the ordered from the Miele. machine To ensure stability the machine must Cover plate (protects the countertop) first be aligned and then screwed to the The underside of the countertop is countertop.
  • Page 49: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection Removing the plinth panel and the All electrical work must be protective plastic cover: performed by a qualified service technician in accordance with local Isolate the machine from the and national safety regulations. power supply. ^ Connection should be made via a ^ Holding the plinth panel at both suitable isolator which complies with sides, pull gently outwards from...
  • Page 50: Plumbing

    7.25 psi (0.5 bar) to 145 psi (10 bar) the "Fill/Drain" indicator light may come on and the fault code "F2 E" show in the display. Please contact the Miele Service Department. – The machine is supplied as standard for connection to a cold (coded blue)
  • Page 51 Hose clamps are supplied for securing it into position. – A longer drain hose (up to 13 ft. [4 m] long) is available to from Miele. – The drainage system must not exceed 13 ft. (4 meters). See also the installation diagram...
  • Page 52: Technical Data

    Technical data English Metric ½ Height: " (32 ") 85 (82) cm Width: " 60 cm Depth: " 60 cm Voltage: see Data Plate Rate load: see Data Plate Fuse rating: see Data Plate Connection cable: approx. 5' 10" approx. 1.8 m Water pressure 7.25 - 145 PSI 50 - 1000 kPa...