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Display - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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The display is used to select or set the
– the programme
– extras
– the delay start time
– settings
During a programme, the display
shows the following:
– the stage the programme is at
– the estimated time left for the
programme to run
– any relevant fault messages and
To save energy, the dishwasher
switches off after a few minutes if you
do not press any buttons during this
time (see "Operation, Standby").
Press the K button to switch the
dishwasher back on again.
Before using for the first time
Settings menu
The Settings menu is used to alter the
dishwasher's electronics to suit
different requirements.
You access the settings menu by
pressing a specific button combination.
See "Settings menu" for more details.
In the Settings menu, the normal
functions of the buttons next to the
display are switched off so that these
buttons can be used to select and
confirm Setting options.
The arrows on the left and right of the
display, indicate further options. You
can use the left or right of the three
buttons next to the display, as
appropriate, to select these further
The middle of the three buttons next to
the display is used to confirm a
message or setting and also to move to
the next menu or to another menu level.
A tick will appear beside the option
which is currently selected.



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