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Adding Detergent - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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Avoid inhalation of powder
detergents and do not ingest
dishwasher detergent. Dishwasher
detergents contain irritant or corrosive
ingredients which can cause burning
in the nose, mouth and throat if
swallowed, or inhibit breathing.
Consult a doctor immediately if
detergent has been swallowed or
Keep detergent and other household
agents out of the reach of children at
all times. Keep children away from the
dishwasher when the door is open.
There could still be detergent residues
in the cabinet. To avoid the danger of
children coming into contact with the
dishwasher detergent, only add
detergent just before starting the
programme and close the door,
activating the child safety lock (if your
dishwasher is fitted with one).

Adding detergent

^ Press the opening catch on the
detergent dispenser. The flap will
spring open.
The flap is always open at the end of a
^ Add the required amount of
detergent and close the flap.
^ Make sure that the detergent
packaging is properly closed after
use to avoid it getting damp and
becoming lumpy.
For information
Compartment I holds max. 10 ml,
Compartment II holds max. 50 ml.
There are markings in compartment II
to assist with dispensing: 20, 30. The
marks indicate a level of approx. 20 or
30 ml when the door is open in a
horizontal position.



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