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Detergentagent - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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Starting a programme before the
Delay start period has elapsed:
A programme can be started before the
Delay start period has elapsed.
Proceed as follows:
^ Open the door.
^ Switch the dishwasher off using the
On/Off button K.
^ Switch the dishwasher on again with
the On/Off button K.
^ Start the programme by closing the
The In-operation indicator light comes
on to show that a programme has been
Additional functions


For optimum cleaning results, the
dishwasher automatically adjusts the
programme sequence to the type of
detergent being used. Depending on
the programme, this can mean that the
running time and energy consumption
vary slightly.
Follow the detergent manufacturer's
instructions on dosage.
The cleaning and drying
performance of different types of
detergent can vary greatly.
If you only ever use combination
products containing salt and rinse aid
in your dishwasher, you can switch the
reminders off if you wish (see "Settings
menu - Replenish salt and rinse aid
reminders"). The DetergentAgent
function will not be affected by this.
Please make sure that if you start
using dishwasher salt and rinse aid
again, you switch the reminders back



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